June 1, 2018

Avengers Infinity War is probably the best Marvel movie so far (although the new one looks great too). If you want to watch Avengers Infinity War online free then here are a few streaming options (we checked these as recently as June 2019):

NowTV Free Trial + Free VPN

You might be thinking – I’ve never heard of NowTV…well that’s because it’s a UK only service (at the moment). However, Avengers Infinity War is available to watch through NowTV with a free trial, and literally anyone can get access to this free trial (and consequently Avengers Infinity War) through the use of a free VPN.

All you need to do is follow this process to access Avengers Infinity War:

  1. Get yourself a free VPN – we recommend ExpressVPN, because you get a chunky 30 days free (you can cancel before the trial ends so you don’t pay).
  2. Set your location to UK within the ExpressVPN dashboard, then go to the NowTV Avengers Infinity War page and click the Start 7 day trial buttonwatch Avengers Infinity War with a free trial
  3. Watch the fim within the 7 day trial, cancel both your trials then that’s it! You just watched Avengers Infinity War for free. Well done you, Thanos would be proud.

Use this method if you need to, otherwise you should be able to find the film on Netflix if you’re based in the USA and have access to Netflix.

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