May 18, 2019

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I love a good psychological thriller – the type of film that messes with your head a little bit, and keeps you guessing throughout the entire movie. Luckily for anybody else who likes these films as much as I do, Amazon Prime has loads of films that you would describe as ‘psychological thrillers’, many of which can be watched completely free with an Amazon Prime free trial (and you can cancel the trial before it renews so you never pay). I’ve outlined the best psychological thrillers on Amazon Prime below:


watch Unsane with Amazon Prime for free

This is a relatively new film that was released in 2018 by Steven Soderbergh, a director known for his often strange and thrilling works. Unsane stars Claire Foy as a woman sent to a mental institution, who starts to see strange things and has to figure out if it is real or all just in her mind. I remember seeing this film at the cinema and being thoroughly thrilled, so it’s great to see that it is now available on Amazon Prime for free. Perhaps the most interesting fact about this film is that it was filmed entirely on iPhone, very impressive!


Pet amazon prime free

This film literally has the phrase ‘psychological warfare’ in it’s description, so it definitely fits the bill of a psychological thriller! The film follows a young woman who is abducted by a strange, lonely man. As they spend more time with each other, their relationship becomes darker and more tense. I watched it and enjoyed it but definitely found it disturbing and would maybe even describe it as horror at parts. You can watch this film for free with Amazon Prime so give it a shot!


Homecoming is actually a tv series on Amazon Prime, but I thought it would still be a great addition to the article as it is definitely what you would describe a psychological thriller. The show is full of paranoia and tense scenes as it follows Julia Roberts, a woman working at a facility that helps soldiers merge back into civilian life. It was nominated for 3 Golden Globes and Julia Roberts is pretty great in the lead role. If you’d like to watch the series, you can start a free trial with Amazon Prime.


Watch DoNovAn free with Amazon Prime

Another psychological thriller tv series, DoNovAn stars Oscar nominated Tom Conti as an author investigating crimes, and often finding that he is a getting a bit too close to them. It’s a very well received series and has lots of positive reviews over on Amazon. Also, you can watch it completely free with an Amazon Prime free trial, so check it out!

3 of a kind

watch 3 of a kind amazon prime

Most marriages are tense at points, but not to the same level as this couple. The husband and wife literally want to kill each other! This film is actually described as a psychological thriller in the description so you know it definitely fits in this list. Just hit the big yellow button to start your free trial with Amazon Prime and you can watch the film for free immediately!