If you want to stream movies or tv show online for free, then you don’t always need to go down the illegal route. In fact, often by using legal streaming methods, you can end up with a higher quality stream and still no need to pay for anything. Sound good? Here are some ideas you can try:


Amazon Prime Video 30 day free trial

There are literally thousands of amazing tv shows and movies available through Amazon Prime Video, and you can watch 90% of them completely free with an Amazon Prime Video 30 day free trial. The thing I like best about the Amazon Prime Video free trial is that it’s actually very easy to cancel too. So even if you use the trial for 29 days then cancel, you won’t pay anything. You can also start and cancel free trials of other services like HBO & Showtime through Amazon Prime Video, so there are even more options for free, legal streaming. Here are some examples of what you can watch with an Amazon Prime Video trial right now:


Netflix 30 day free trial

Netflix is probably still the main streaming platform, and although I personally don’t think their choice is as good as what Amazon have to offer, they still have a pretty awesome free trial up for grabs. One of the best things about Netflix however is that every region of Netflix has a different selection of tv shows and movies to choose from. So if you use a VPN to change your region (which can be done easily with a free VPN) then you suddenly open up loads more options for streaming options. Some of the best things you can watch on Netflix right now during the free trial include:

  • Stranger Things 
  • Black Mirror 
  • Velvet Buzzsaw

NowTV 7 day free trial

NowTV might be a UK streaming service, but if you’re using a VPN and setting your region to UK then you can still use it from any location. The main reason I like NowTV is that it has some pretty awesome tv shows and movies to watch on there, all for free during the free trial (theirs is a 7 day trial). Some examples of what you could watch during the trial include:


Hulu free trial

Hulu offer either a 7 day free trial or a 30 day free trial (depending on where you look), and I actually think this platform is pretty underrated. It is very nearly rivalling Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in terms of selection, and has some great niche options for streaming that you can watch during a free trial period. Examples of what you can watch through Hulu during a free trial include:


That’s a pretty good selection, right? If you use the free trials included in this post cleverly, there is almost 6 months worth of free tv shows and movies here, all in awesome quality and all legally. Nice! 

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