If the experience of watching an open-air film gets you excited, then this awesome little cinema is going to blow you away. It's partly an architectural masterpiece, part theatre going spectacle.


This floating auditorium was created for Thailand’s Film on the Rocks Festival by talented architect Ole Scheeren. The auditorium, a raft of sorts, intended to float on the sea, was designed by German-born and Beijing-based architect Ole Scheeren.


The raft is built out of recycled materials as a series of individual modules. This allows the unit to be flexible for future use and to allow the raft to travel to other film screenings on the water. It’s nothing short of a breathtaking backdrop to view film and art. Surrounded by momentous rocks rising out of the sea with inky dark water reflecting light off the screen, it offers a complete submersion with both the natural landscape and the cinematic one.


If film itself is known to be dramatic, this viewing platform is nothing short of the same.


With Archipelago Cinema, Ole Scheeren has been able to delve further into his love of non-architectural projects. He manages to create here an alternative way of experiencing something as well versed as watching films in an entirely new and engaging manner.

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