Best movies on Amazon Prime (September 2019)


It's September 2019 - the sun has officially said goodbye for most of us, and we're looking for movies to cheer us up during this strange month. Luckily, Amazon have just released a bunch of great movies onto their streaming platform for you to enjoy, so you don't have to spend a second of this month feeling bored or down. We've rounded up what we believe to be the very best movies that Amazon has to offer this month, check them out below:


Midsommar (available 24th September)

Didn't manage to catch this horror film at the cinema? That might be for the best to be honest, it was pretty....polarizing, let's say. It was also pretty long, and the showing that I was at included lots of people walking out. Some from needing the bathroom I'm sure, but many from sheer horror at what was unfolding on the screen before them

Intrigued yet? You should be. From Ari Aster (creator of the fantastic horror/thriller Hereditary), Midsommar is a sad, shocking, powerful film. And now thanks to Amazon Prime, you can rent it and enjoy it from home. "Enjoy" might be the wrong term, more like "appreciate" it. 


Mission Impossible: Fallout

In the latest Mission: Impossible film, Tom Cruise is an action man. Did you know he does all his stunts? He just wanted to make sure you knew, because he is a badass. And everyone needs to be aware of that. 

Listen, I'm not trying to say Tom Cruise has an ego or anything like that. I'm just saying that he does all his own stunts, even though that's probably unecessarily dangerous and costly, he absolutely has to do them. So go and watch Mission: Impossible - Fallout, and marvel at how much better Tom Cruise is than you. It's what he'd want. 

Also, you can watch it for free with a free trial through Amazon Prime. So that's pretty cool isn't it.