The Big MINI Media Festival (a.k.a. BMM Fest) was a two-day event hosted by the​ Media Arts Department of Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus. The festival recognized and awarded ten categories in Animation, Short narrative, Short and Feature length Documentaries and Experimental films created with the MiniDV, HDV, and other digital formats. 

The Big MINI Media Festival had been in existence for over 15 years. 

The awards given at the festival included:

BEST Short Narrative
BEST Short Documentary (30 minutes or less)
BEST Feature-Length Documentary
BEST Experimental
BEST Animation
BEST Super Short Film (1 minute or less)
BEST Short Screenplay (30 pages or less)
BEST Feature-Length Screenplay (60 pages or more)
BEST Virtual Reality Short Film
BEST Web Series


Although the festival hasn’t been around for a number of years, we hope to see it again soon! 




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