The Black Earth Film Festival


The Black Earth Film Festival was founded to expose the surrounding community to independent film and to provide a venue for independent film makers to showcase their work.

The Black Earth Film Festival featured films made by independent filmmakers. The festival was held in Galesburg, a small community of just over 30,000 residents. 

This film festival was great for the local community and although it hasn't ran for a number of years we hope to see it again one day!


The Black Earth Film Festival isn't the only festival that has stopped running. Big MINI, Backseat, Artivist, Angelus, Amelia Island, Optronica, Temecula, Big River, Muskegon, Humphrey Bogart Festival, Viscera, New York, Lifetree, Baystreet, SoCal Independent, North x North, Screentest, Minneapolis Underground, Julian Film Fest, San Antonio Independent Christian film festival, and Way Down, have all ended their festivals.