Cape Winelands film festival is a great film festival that has been running since 2007, and has grown significantly in popularity and participation over the last 10+ years. 

Before you even start watching the films on show, you’ll be able to enjoy the venue – the iconic V&A Waterfront precinct. It’s the most visited tourist destination in Cape Town and the views overlooking the surrounding area makes this the ideal location for the festival.

What makes this festival different from the many other film festivals world-wide is the approach to film programming, guests and the friendly leisurely pace. Don’t get fooled – It is a competitive festival that highlights both the emerging and professional filmmaker, and serves as a catalyst for bringing writers and filmmakers together to collaborate on future productions. However, it’s also a very fun and relaxed affair. The Festival is held simultaneously in Cape Town and Stellenbosch and you’re of course able to enjoy plenty of wine during your visit. 

The festival is typically split up into 10 sections:

  • World Cinema,
  • Independent Films,
  • Arts in Film,
  • New Voices,
  • Music in Film,
  • Food on Film,
  • That’s So Gay (gay and lesbian releases),
  • Eco Cinema (eco-friendly films about people and our planet),
  • Films on Tolerance and Reconciliation and Acceptance of the OTHER,
  • Cinema of Conscience (films about social and political issues),
  • Special Programs (Retrospectives and Focuses).

In addition to the awards ceremonies, Q & A discussions with filmmakers and other events are held throughout the 10 days.

We love the Cape Winelands Film Festival and would love to go!




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