The Cardiff Film Festival was an annual film festival that took place in Cardiff, Wales and launched in 1989. It had previously been called the Cardiff Screen Festival.

The festival was originally held annually in Aberystwyth as the National film festival for Wales, before being moved to Cardiff due to popularity. In 1998 it moved to the capital city and became the Cardiff Screen Festival. Following a period of development in the city it eventually became a growing event in the city’s calendar, with audience figures increasing at a rate of 35% a year. The festival offered the chance to meet the directors of many of the films in a more approachable fashion, as the customers and the movie-makers could mingle in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Film Agency for Wales subsequently decided that the festival would be replaced by a new International Film Event for Wales. 

Although the festival is no longer running, it had a huge impact on the Welsh film industry and we hope to see it return one day!

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