9 Best Christian Movies On Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now

In recent years, cable television and entertainment in general have been undergoing a massive change due to the introduction of streaming services. Most notable among the many major streaming platforms is Amazon Prime, part of the massive Amazon empire and the one with perhaps the most interesting offering for its membership. Whereas a Netflix or Hulu is only a streaming service, Amazon has packaged tons of other features and perks into its Amazon Prime service from free shipping to a free twitch stream subscription, to various other perks each with a definitive dollar value, making Amazon Prime a great deal.

For those interested in using Amazon Prime and are looking for some family friendly Christian movies, there’s a wide selection on Amazon that are also tied to a free trial of Amazon Prime if you sign up. So you get to watch the movie and get 30 free days of Amazon Prime before your card is charged for a full year of use. We also have guides on the best Korean films and best psychological thrillers.

Let There Be Light

watch Let There Be Light free with Amazon Prime

One of the films you can watch with this free trial is “Let there be light”. A 2017 film featuring Kevin Sorbo of television’s Hercules fame is an anti-religious advocate who tours the country debating Christians. Away from his wife he begins to develop self destructive habits and eventually he wrecks his automobile and is clinically dead for four minutes and has to deal with the repercussions of what he experiences and from there the movie takes on a redemptive tone. There are numerous stories throughout the news and the media that kind of mirror this tale, a man who learns the error of his ways through a miraculous event and has to live with the details of it all and deals with it. This looks like a pretty good movie worth the 100 mins and has an over 4 star rating, overall it’s worth the free trial.

A Box Of Faith

watch A Box Of Faith free with Amazon Prime

If you’re not looking for Kevin Sorbo, there’s “A Box Of Faith” which is the story of a 16 year old girl out on her own on the streets who through the stroke of a spiritual pen makes it on her own. Overall this is a more kid friendly title embracing the feel good nature of some Christian films keeping it a light affair and embracing the more lighthearted nature of the family friendly paradigm. Family friendly films are a staple of the genre and obviously a great way to get people to relax for a little while and sit with the kids and bond over some popcorn and a four and a half star rated, 90 minute 2015 film like “A box of faith”.


watch Breathe with Amazon Prime free trial

Another great movie on Amazon Prime’s free trial program is “Breathe”, directed by Andy Serkis and featuring Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy, this film is actually produced by the son of the main characters and it tells the true story of a loving couple who has to overcome major hardships. The characters find themselves falling in love and from there they have to deal with issues including disability and living an uncomfortable and limited life. This film is a dramatic movie but categorized none the less as a Christian film, I think it’s a really interesting development that the son of the two main characters is one of the producers because it makes it feel like the film is going to be a lot more authentic.

The Promise

Watch The Promise free with Amazon Prime

There are so many films in the Christian genre that if any of these aren’t the one you’re looking for there are several other options to choose from, including the film The Promise, a film that stars Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac. Oscar Isaac is in the current star wars trilogy and is enjoying a massive push in Hollywood and for Christian Bale, this is actually his second Christian themed film which is telling in some ways. The Promise is a tale set in the end of the ottoman empire and is billed as an inspirational story of love, survival and resilience. This 2017 film is well reviewed and has a pretty star studded cast especially considering the genre, which isn’t traditionally known for having such a famous leading cast as a Batman. Christian Bale though is an interesting choice, he’s been known to be tough to work with and at times has seemed egotistical to some and reigned over sets where he was known to be a tyrant. Perhaps that era in his career is behind him now though as this is his second Christian film, the first being when he played Moses in a movie actually called “Exodus: Gods and Kings.” In recent years Bale’s production has slowed down significantly and now he makes basically one movie a year so it seems interesting that he chose to make this movie in this genre. Oscar Isaac is also an interesting choice considering that his star is on the rise and more than likely had offers for all kinds of movies in all kinds of genres so making a smaller movie in the Christian genre is telling about his feelings and what movies he wants to make.

Faith's Song

Another of the Christian genre movies that you can enjoy with a free trial with Amazon Prime is “Faith’s Song.” Which is a heart warming story of a girl dealing with massive tragedy in her life in the death of her parents in a car accident who has to move in with family that doesn’t share her faith. That’s a difficult situation to be in, dealing with loss like that would generally force people to turn to faith as a way to help cope with everything and then to be around people who don’t share that faith and may even discourage it. That would be an incredibly difficult situation to be in that’s for sure. Obviously considering the genre of the film it’s likely that by the end of it her spirituality has found a way to blossom and she is able to find comfort in her faith and with her new family. This seems like a particularly interesting choice though for people looking for uplifting Christian films with a free trial option on Amazon.

Grace Unplugged

watch Grace Unplugged free with Amazon Prime

One other film that fits into the conversation of Christian films on Amazon with a free trial is Grace Unplugged, the story of a young woman who is struggling to find her own path in life and against the wishes of her family she leaves the home and tries to find her own way on a path of music. This is a common story amongst young people, wanting to leave the house and pursue a career in music, so this one seems like it will hit close to home for many young people. So many young people love the story of hitting it big with just your chance and a guitar and having a career grow out of that moment. Pursuing music is a pretty common dream so the opportunity to sit and enjoy the story because many people will find the story relatable. Make sure to check out the four and a half star rated 102 minute film if you’re looking for a family drama about a young girl setting out on her own.

Every Day

watch Every Day free with Amazon Prime

Perhaps one of the most intriguing films in this genre is Every Day, the story of a 16 year old girl who meets and falls in love with a spirit known as “A” that inhabits a different body every single day. There have been some criticisms of this film that it was focused on an agenda and was trying to push social beliefs on a particular group of people but others have pushed back on that criticism and stated simply that the film is trying to define simply what is love? Do we love a person or their soul and if we love their soul then it doesn’t matter what body their soul is wearing everyday does it? Even if they look like someone different every day, so long as who the person is inside is all that matters then true love will prevail every time. The story is a sweet one with a ton of heart just looking for people who need to hear something kind and sweet at the moment they push play. Every Day is a fantastic film with a four star rating and a run-time of 97 minutes, this movie is sure to wake up anyone’s heart strings and touch even the darkest of hearts.

17 Miracles

watch 17 miracles free with Amazon Prime

17 miracles is another great film in the Christian genre that can be experienced while also giving viewers a free trial of Amazon Prime. The film is about Christian pioneers in 1857 who literally had hand pushed carts and traveled across the plains of undeveloped America and subsist on the various miracles of their Lord and Savior. The 1850’s were obviously a particularly brutal period during American History and the idea of walking across America pushing a heavy hand cart is sheer insanity and it would take numerous miracles to makes it anywhere let alone across the plains of the Midwest. Between rogue cowboys and Indians and wildlife and just misfortune, it’s likely an incredibly dangerous journey to get anywhere and history is littered with the stories of people who attempted the journey and never made it anywhere but in trouble. Overall this four and a half star 102 minute movie seems like an exciting and heartwarming journey that the whole family can partake in and enjoy on a nice evening, while considering an Amazon Prime 30 day trial.

I Can Only Imagine

watch I Can Only Imagine free with Amazon Prime

I Can Only Imagine is a movie about the world famous song with the same name. The inspirational tale features Dennis Quaid and Trace Adkins and tells the story of the band MercyMe and how the song was written by lead singer Bart Millard whose Father had passed form cancer. Before he was diagnosed with cancer though he was an abusive and angry man who struggled to maintain a positive relationship with his son. During his struggle with cancer he found a grace through religion that had a transformative experience and suddenly the angry man was kind and made peace with a son that he had spent a lifetime previously abusing and pushing away. These are the kinds of movies that touch people and inspire them to embrace faith, and find a high purpose and a comfort with that higher purpose. The song was written in 1999 and included on the band’s debut album, from there it went on their 2001 major label debut and in 2003 was number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100, number ten on the Digital Songs chart and was in rotation on Top 40, Adult top 40 and Country stations nationwide touching people everywhere. This film is a great story about one of the biggest songs in the history of modern Contemporary Christian music and how it all came to be.

So its fairly obvious that there are numerous ways to sample the Amazon Prime plan while watching a quality Christian family film. Included with a Prime account is of course the free shipping, a free twitch account subscription, access to the kindle unlimited program, unlimited music streaming, unlimited photo storage, access to the Prime Pantry program, Amazon Elements and Amazon Family, all for one low annual payment under $120, and you can sample all of that with a monthly trial simply by clicking the large yellow button. The value of an Amazon Prime membership is hard to overstate, the streaming services alone charge between $8 and $12 dollars and they don’t offer all of these other perks and services, begging the question, why not have an Amazon Prime account? For those who scoff at paying a larger one time annual payment you can always choose to pay a little bit more per month for the same services and features but the best overall value is that annual payment of under $120. So indulge your curiosity and click on the free trial button and truly see how Amazon can improve your daily movie streaming experience and to check out some awesome Christian movies!