The Cinematexas International Short Film Festival (alternately known as Cinematexas International Short Film and Video Festival) was started by University of Texas students in the UT Radio-Television-Film Department in 1996. It was hosted in Austin, Texas, which has a large film community and hosts numerous film festivals annually. It also has a renowned film school and is home to a number of well-known filmmakers and screenwriters. So it's no wonder that it was so popular! 

Cinematexas also served as four film festivals in one by offering the University of Texas Student Competition, Cinemakids, and the Cinemaker International Super 8 Festival. Merging all of these festivals into one benefits the filmmakers and the programmers who come to town looking for new work.

The event grew from a way to showcase student films into an internationally renowned festival described in the Village Voice as: “In scope, ambition, and down-home hospitality, it’s a film festival with the brain of an art gallery, the soul of a rock show, and the backbone of an activist collective.”

After an 11 year run the group announced in 2007 that because they lost funding and their office space it was going to have to shut down. The Programming Director Ivan Lozano posted to the group’s official website that “hopefully we can rise again, but we can’t promise anything. We are going into a (semi-permanent) hibernation.”

Hopefully one day we'll see this event again - it helped lots of young creators find an audience!


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