The Best Classic Movies on Amazon Prime Video


They stick with us, we remember them forever. We quote them in conversations and find out a lot about our friend’s tastes based on how they feel about them, classic movies. Like the scene in Jaws when they see the shark while chumming the waters and the sheriff says, “we’re going to need a bigger boat.” All you have to do is say that simple line and immediately everyone knows exactly what you’re talking about, and gets the reference. Maybe your go-to movie quote is “make him an offer he can’t refuse” or “who are you gonna call” these are all modern classics and seemingly everyone gets the reference. Different lists have released over the years charting all-time classic films and great films of all time and regularly the movies on it are movies with these great iconic scenes and moments that everyone remembers and talks about amongst themselves. Amazon has several of these movies on its streaming service and you can enjoy some of them with a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime and also use the various other member features of Amazon Prime at that time including the free shipping, and Amazon music that everyone knows and appreciates.


One of the most important actors in young Hollywood was John Wayne. Eventually being known as The Duke, John Wayne was in over 142 movies, but the one that launched his career into the stardom stratosphere and the reason we know his name still today is the film Stagecoach. It wasn’t his first film, he’d been in a few B-rated movies, but it was the movie that solidified his position as America’s cowboy. Stagecoach came out in 1939 and over the course of World War 2 Hollywood wanted to show its patriotism and started producing westerns and war movies at an increased pace and John Wayne was the face of those. Starring in 83 westerns throughout his amazing career, John Wayne was for a long time the face of rugged America. He would go on to star in Red River, The Searchers, True Grit, and just as importantly the much loved, Shootist. All of that starts though, with Stagecoach which is available for viewing as part of a free 30 day trial on Amazon Prime currently, getting access to the Amazon Prime program free of charge for a month to explore all the benefits Amazon has to offer while enjoying this and other classic films.


The George Orwell Dystopian future crafted in 1984 that is then captured in the 1985 film is one of the most classic tales of all time. Every student in every American school has read 1984 at least once as required reading and again in college where some professor gets obsessed over the underlying themes of Orwell’s work. The reality is this is a story that nearly everyone knows, and so this is a classic film almost from release. Imagine releasing a film that everyone knows right away, that’s the case with 1984. The story of Oceania, run by the party who uses the Thought Police to protect the integrity of the state and suppress individual thought and efforts. The story of Winston Smith, a party member who hates everything about The Party in secret and wants to lash out somehow, he falls in love which is against the law and from there his rebellion has begun. A novel that basically plays out the plans for an Authoritarian regime including the ironic, misleading language the rewriting of history and the control of information are the ingredients for total control.

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The Time Machine

HG Wells legendary story, The Time Machine, is another classic film available to be sampled under Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial program. The adaptation features Guy Pearce as the brilliant scientist Alexander, who upon the horrific death of his love Emma then builds a time machine to try and save her. After several attempts he discovers that time while capable of being adjusted can’t intervene with fate, meaning when it’s someone’s time it’s their time. Emma being fate’s chosen victim though is too much for Alexander and in an unfortunate accident during his grief he is flung thousands of years into the future, where he now faces a new and dangerous world. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about HG Wells various stories was that the technologies he described and created for the purposes of his stories would eventually be proven remarkably close to what were actually the sciences and technologies that allowed things like space travel and undersea exploration adding an element of fun to the science he described in his books in regards to a story like The Time Machine. It’s remarkable to think that a story that is now over a hundred years old still captures the attention and imagination of a modern cinematic audience, but in the case of HG Wells, his stories do in fact entertain millions around the world. Another interesting thing about these stories is that written by a man at the forefront of what would eventually become the science fiction genre, his concepts on time travel, the idea that perhaps the events can be changed but ultimately fate can’t be altered is the same ideas that to this day still exist in modern science fiction today, so yet again HG Wells was correct about things he had no real way of being correct about. It’s an impressive feat that even now after over a hundred years of science and discovery, no one has passed the ideas and concepts he created to tell his stories way back then. The Time Machine’s story of a man trapped in a post apocalyptic future where he now has to help save what is left of humanity becomes a story trope that is recycled non stop in the genres of science fiction these days. Another classic film that can be sampled as part of the 30 day free trial on Amazon Prime, simply push the yellow button, follow the instructions and enjoy this and other classic films.

For a Few Dollars More

For a Few Dollars More, the second film in the “Dollars Trilogy” featuring the character of Manco played by Clint Eastwood, is another classic film available on Amazon Prime under the 30 day free trial option. The film is perhaps the most iconic of the three as it widely considered the best of the three with some critics mentioning particular scenes in this film as the penultimate spaghetti western villain moments, including the death scene inside the Church. The trilogy of films launched Clint Eastwood into movie stardom, giving rise to the iconic star’s angry glare and calm demeanor that would become his trademarks over the years in a career that continued even now into modern times as Eastwood continues to direct and star in movies like The Mule. The characters of Mortimer and Manco are bounty hunters in the rough and tumble Wild West, bringing wanted criminals dead or alive to justice in the rapidly settlings lands of the West. Production on the film began before the first film was even released as the director and producer were confident they had a hit on their hands and wanted to continue the story of Manco. The film trilogy is the crowning achievement of the spaghetti western era, creating a lot of the iconic imagery and culture around modern times visions of both bounty hunters and the wild west.

Gone with the Wind

Another classic on the list is perhaps one of the most important films ever made in the history of American Cinema, Gone with the Wind. An adaptation of a 1936 novel, this 1939 film is still to this day the highest grossing film all time when adjusted for inflation and was groundbreaking in so many other ways. Vivien Leigh won the role of Scarlett O’Hara in a casting call that eventually interviewed over a thousand women to find the perfect Scarlett and their persistence resulted in an Oscar for Leigh. The film also won Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and perhaps most important and also incredibly impressive Best Supporting Actress for Hattie McDaniel, which made her the first African American to win an Academy Award, in 1940 no less. The movie obviously tells the story of a southern woman during the Civil War and Reconstruction of the South in love with a married man and eventually she marries another man, that man of course Rhett Butler played by Clark Gable. The film’s impact in Hollywood is almost immeasurable in that the movie was incredibly long, highly celebrated, and uncomfortable to make. There were three changes to the Director of the film with George Cukor being fired early on in the production, and Sam Wood stepping in for a bit while Victor Fleming had to take a break due to exhaustion before returning and finishing the film that eventually won him an Oscar. Before they even began filming though, the script was rewritten numerous times by numerous writers as they attempted to contain the length of such a big story spanning several years. Through all of this though the movie has consistently placed in the Top Ten of The American Film Institute’s Top 100 movies since the list began in 1998, the film is such a stalwart of American Cinema that The Library of Congress selected the film for preservation in 1989, placing it in the National Film Registry. When NBC aired it over two parts for its broadcast television debut in 1976 it achieved the highest viewer percentage in the history of television which still stands today, 65%. This film is perhaps the greatest film amongst all classic films commercially.

There are even more classic films there on Amazon Prime to experience during a 30 day free trial, this is only a sampling of various classic films. Amazon Prime’s various benefits are wide ranging and make the annual fee a true value in any budget, starting with the streaming movies and moving on to free shipping and various other features. The reality of such a value is there are just so many great things to partake in and enjoy that you could spend many long weekends and late nights watching classic films and it would be a long time before you even moved on to other genres of film. With such a massive library of films ranging from Stagecoach to Gone with the Wind to Network and all kinds of films in between it’s easy to see why so many people have signed up for Amazon Prime’s 30 day free trial by clicking the yellow button right there on so many movie pages in the streaming menu. Simply click, enter some information and just like that you’re cruising, down one of the easiest financially sound decisions you can make all year, enjoying an incredibly valuable Amazon Prime account with all of its wonders and perks.