Columbus International Film & Video Festival

The Columbus International Film + Video Festival (CIFVF) is the longest running film festival in the USA.

Now celebrating its 66th year, the festival introduces the residents of Ohio to the best independent filmmakers from around the world.

Throughout the years, the festival has honored thousands of films, filmmakers, and producers. The festival's awards remain a revered prize for industry professionals, but the organization is equally passionate about supporting independent fillmakers with their work. The festival serves to promote and screen more and more films every year and has had a huge impact on the film industry locally and globally. 

Now part of the Columbus College of Art & Design, the festival has evolved to not only present amazing movies from big names and indepedent filmmakers, but also to give visiting filmmakers and students the chance to interact together through workshops, panels, and networking opportunities.

Check it out!

There are a number of movies on our site with scenes based in Columbus, including Carol and Fruitvale Station. 









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