Because the Coyote Drive-In at Lewisville has been closed down for a while and the official page is no longer working, we thought we’d put together a little post detailing everything we loved about this place.

The drive-in was seriously popular – it had over 1000 reviews over on Google, so that should tell you something. 

First of all, the theater experience itself was really special. The screens were large so everyone in the area could tell what was happening clearly, and the sound system was fantastic – they had large speakers by the screen, but also you could tune in through your radio and listen that way. 

One thing that was great about the drive-in was that it was very reasonably priced, and for the price of a ticket at a standard theater, you’d usually get a double feature at the drive-in. 

Lastly, the food was seriously good (did you ever try the Kobe burger? Yum). It was maybe a little on the pricey side, but the fact that it was cinema food meant you were willing to pay a bit more for some decent food with your movie. 

So, Coyote Drive-In at Lewisville – we’re sad to see you go!

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