The Dark Carnival Film Festival was known for screening the best indie horror films from all over the world in the best possible venue - a vintage 1930s era movie theater that featured state-of-the-art sound and projection equipment, on a 30 by 20 foot screen. Dark Carnival was essentially a week-long celebration of horror that featured live entertainment, merchandise vendors, special guests and more.

Dark Carnival International Film Festival wanted to put fans and filmmakers first, and present a show filled with freaks, fire, and fantastic films from the four corners of the globe. Many of the movies from past Dark Carnival Festivals were picked up for distribution by major companies, and the event provided numerous networking opportunities for visiting filmmakers.

It started in 2007, and although the festival screened over 200 films during it's run, the festival stopped in 2010. We hope to see it return one day! 



Dark Carnival Film Festival isn't the only festival that has stopped running. CineVegas, Cardiff, Black Earth Film Festival, Big MINI, Angelus, Amelia Island, Optronica, Temecula, Big River, Muskegon, Humphrey Bogart Festival, Viscera, New York, Lifetree, Baystreet, Screentest, and Way Down, have all ended their festivals.