The Best 'Feel Good' Movies On Netflix

Sometimes we all want to be free from life's problems, depression and annoyance, and bring out some positivity in our mind.  Morning walks, yoga, hiking and all the other things help, but sometimes we just wanna get in a snug blanket, relax, and watch our favorite movies, or maybe try some new movies as well. Nothing beats some great feel-good movies in that situation. These movies will make you feel good about yourself, and will help you see your problems from a different perspective, so that you can be full of life the next time you're working for your job, and be mentally prepared for the problems yet to come. Here are the best feel-good films you can find on Netflix right now.

Bruce Almighty 

Bruce Almighty is a fantasy we've all wished for at some point in our life, but never thought the repercussions of. Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey) is a television reporter who's been having a rough day, and blames God for it, so much so that the God (Morgan Freeman) himself came to meet him. Instead of listening and understanding while God explains about how difficult being a God is, he accepted the God's challenge to be a God himself for a week and see how he handles the world. Initially, he thought that he was doing a marvellous job of being a God while he was making his rival Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) suffer, and providing himself the best, but in the light of making the world a better place by granting everyone's wishes, he realised that he ruined it instead. He realised his mistake, and learned the hard way to embrace what he already have instead of complaining about what he don't have. It's not a Christian movie, but it definitely has some great messages about religion and life. 

It's A Wonderful Life 

If you don't mind watching old movies and appreciating them for what they were, you will love this one. This movie teaches that anyone who thinks that they don’t influence anyone's life is just dead wrong! George Bailey (James Stewart) is a resident of a small town Bedford Falls, who has been facing financial troubles, and even though he had the support of his wife Mary Hatch (Donna Reed) and his kids, his depression and frustration made him wish he had never been born. Seeing this, Clarence Oddbody (Henry Travers) was sent from above to help George through his dark days. Clarence shows George how different would the life be if he didn't exist. George realised, after seeing how much influence he has on other people's life, that he has a wonderful life, and the thought of committing a suicide or wishing to never been born is just foolish. 

The Croods 

On the surface, this movie looks like a fantastic journey of prehistoric humans struggling with their life to survive, which is portrayed in a humorous way, with imaginary animals that seems to be a fusion of two real-life animals. But if you dig deep, you can find tons of messages this movie gives, which are brilliantly put throughout the whole movie. A prehistoric family, called "The Croods", has been surviving their whole life with the help of some simple rules written by their ancestors, followed religiously by Grug (Nicolas Cage). While those rules kept them alive, Eep (Emma Stone) hated them, especially because life is so boring just trying to "survive" instead of "living" it. Everything changed when their beloved cave got destroyed by natural calamity, as foretold by an intelligent boy that Eep just met, Guy (Ryan Reynolds). Guy helped everyone look the life from a different angle, and taught them many things, including, but not limited to, making fire, telling jokes and making a trap for hunting. Everyone was happy with him except Grug, who felt challenged and threatened by these new ways of living a life. But, in time, Grug started appreciating these ways. He learned never to be afraid, and learned to always trying out new things, which helped him a lot to escape from "The End" 

Forrest Gump  

I don't remember any feel-good movies list which excluded this movie. A story of a man with low I.Q. narrated by himself, this movie will change the way you perceive your life. Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) is a man with a relatively low I.Q. of 75, which made it almost impossible for him to join a public school. His mother, Mrs. Gump (Sally Field) tried everything she could to give him a better life so that he'd never feel that he's different from others. His childhood friend, Jenny Curran (Robin Wright) was the only friend he had when he was a kid, thus he had a special place for her in his heart. Although he was unintelligent, but he had strong legs and great ability to focus, which he initially used to get away from the bullies, but later got him in many places and achievements that anyone could just wish for. Without even trying, he gave Elvis Presley his moves, became a football star, joined army and served with honor in Vietnam, won table tennis tournament against the Chinese national team, unknowingly discovered the break-in at the Watergate, opened a shrimp business as promised to his friend Bubba (Mykelti Williamson) from the army, invested in Apple Computers, ran across the country, and did much more. He wasn't as much concerned about those things as he was about Jenny, his childhood friend and love of his life. Jenny's life was much messier than his, so he was always there for her.  She was reluctant about Forrest's proposal at first, but in the end she gave Forrest the most beautiful gift anyone has ever given to him. 

Not looking for a feel good film right now? How about a Classic or a First Person Movie?


Honestly, you can just watch the first 10 minutes of this movie and know how brilliantly this story was written and directed! Along with the touching, almost unexplainable soundtracks, which Michael Giacchino deserves the recognition for, this movie is an ultimate package of stuff that makes it a true feel-good movie. Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) is an old man who sells balloon for a living, who was obsessed with adventure when he was a kid. Having Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer) as a role model, who was a famous explorer, Carl always looked for adventure, which led him to meet his childhood friend and wife Ellie (Elie Docter) in an abandoned house. She was even more adventurous and had a dream to go to Paradise Falls. But, like it happens with most of our dreams, they got caught up in their lives so much that they almost forgot they had that dream until they were too old to do that stuff. When Ellie passed away and Carl unwillingly had to move to an old-age home because of an incident, he flew away with the house with the help of balloons. A little explorer, Russell (Jordan Nagai) was stuck in the house while it was in the air. Carl had to take Russell with him for an adventure at Paradise Falls, where they would find "talking" dogs, one of which is Dug (Bob Peterson), unknown bird species, and much more.  

17 Again 

This movie isn’t much talked about, but I think it is nice enough to be on this list. This is a movie about a man who hates his adult life, and is transformed back into a teenager by his spirit guide to steer his life towards the right path, while figuring out the right path. Don’t we all wanna go back to those teen years? Mike O’Donnell (Zac Efron/Mathew Perry) is a man who had it all in his teen years. He was the champion of his high school basketball team, had a beautiful girlfriend, Scarlet (Alison Miller/Leslie Mann), and everyone in the high school liked him.  He was about to set his career in basketball, but when he learned that his girlfriend is pregnant, he sacrificed everything he had so that he could give a better life to his girlfriend and his kids. Fast forward around 20 years, he is working a dead-end job while the promotion he deserved was given to some new comer, his marriage is falling, and his kids despise him. He sacrificed his dream and blamed his wife for ruining his life, and wished to re-live those years again so that he could set things straight, which, magically happened when he fell from the bridge trying to save what he thought was the janitor he just met in his old high school. He transformed into the body of his 17 year old self, and thought his “spirit guide” purposely did this so that he could make his life better again. But, later, when he saw his son getting bullied everyday by his daughter’s boyfriend, and his wife trying to accomplish her dreams of becoming a great garden decorator, he realised that it was not about him fulfilling his dream, but it was about helping his wife and kids and be a better father. 

Monsters University  

Now, although this movie is a prequel to Monsters Inc. which is much more known than this movie, I still prefer Monsters University, probably because it is much more relatable, and has shown a great character development which explained why the protagonists were the way they were in Monsters Inc. I’d recommend you to watch both movies because both are awesome. Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal/Noah Johnston) is a cute-little monster, which is the exact opposite of how monsters should be in this movie, thus he had a hard time fitting in with others. Despite this non-scary appearance, he dreamed to become a scarer since he was a kid when he saw a scarer, Frank McCay (John Krasinski), up-close while he was doing his job.  With focus and determination in his mind, he set out to become a scaring major in Monsters University. He believed that scaring can be learned by reading so he rigorously read books to be as much knowledgeable as he could and while doing that he met his rival, James Sullivan (John Goodman), who’s a party animal, a scary monster, and a guy who was hoping to make his way through with a little nepotism. Both of them ruined their chances of being a scaring major when they were showing-off their skills and accidentally destroyed the Scream Canister of Dean Hardscrabble (Helen Mirren), following which she threw them out of Scaring Program, explaining that James Sullivan is nothing more than a scary monster and Mike Wazowski is not even scary. To prove them wrong, Mike joins Scare Games competition along with the fraternity, Oozma Kappa, with a deal that if they win the competition, Dean Hardscrabble would let the entire team into the Scare Program, and losing it would result in kicking the whole team out of Monsters University. Seeing this, James joins their team as well, and Mike reluctantly let him join because the team was one monster short, even though he hated James. Later, when Mike and Sully get to know each other a little better, they became best friends and did their best to win the competition. 

How To Train Your Dragon

In a fantasy world where Dragons and Vikings co-exists, this movie shows the tale of a young boy who permanently changed the way how Vikings looked at Dragons. Based on Cressida Cowell’s book with the same title, this movie can make you fall in love with the beautiful visuals along with the interesting and emotional storyline.Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) is a Viking, who looks nothing like it. Unlike the other Vikings in the town, he is skinny, weak and was considered worthless, even by his own father. He wasn’t allowed to go fight the dragons and was instead told to take care of the tools and weapons. To prove himself, he tried to trap a dragon to kill it, but when he saw the dragon he trapped, it was Night Fury, the most rare dragon whose species is almost extinct.  He realised that killing is not in his blood, as he hesitated a lot to kill the dragon. Moreover, he learned that he injured Night Fury with his trap, which made him unable to fly. To help the poor dragon, he made some tools to assist him to fly, while keeping the dragon a secret from his town, especially from his dad, who is the chief of the town and wanted to eliminate dragons for the safety of the town. In this process of protecting the dragon from being killed by the town people and helping him to fly, he learned a lot of things about dragons, and realised that everything they know about the dragons is wrong, and later went on to prove it to the town people.