The Best First Person Movies

One of the ways to truly feel any event is to see it with your own eyes. No matter how detailed a person gets while describing the event or how beautifully it is illustrated in a documentary, nothing makes it better than seeing it with your own eyes while being in that event at the exact time. While movies can’t teleport you to those places they are illustrating on your TV, they can do the next best thing; make a POV version of it. These are the some of the first person movies, which are made in a way to bring the viewer ever closer to the virtual and hypothetical world, and make them feel as if they are experiencing everything from a particular character’s point of view.

Hardcore Henry

As they themselves pointed out in the trailer, it is a cross between Bourne, Captain America and Call Of Duty! If you want to experience a buttload of action-packed moves and sniping as if you’re doing it yourself, you’d find this movie pretty interesting! Henry is a man who was brought back from the accident that caused him to be amnesiac and mute. His wife, Estelle (Haley Bennett), is a scientist working in a laboratory, and is the one who helped him to recover, and gave him prosthetic arms and legs. Just as she and other scientists were about to help him out to get a voice box so that he could speak again, a warlord, Akan (Danila Kozlovsky) busts in with a team of mercenaries. Akan has telekinetic powers and used it to kill one of the scientists while asking about Henry, and was planning to take over the research of Estelle and use it to make an army of soldiers just like Henry. Henry and Estelle somehow manages to escape the lab, but later Estelle gets captured by an army led by Yugi (Oleg Poddubnyy), while Henry is thrown off the bridge, after which he finds a British guy, Jimmy (Sharlto Copley), who claims to be the one helping him. Now, Jimmy and Henry are on the killing spree while trying to rescue Henry’s wife, and finding Akan so that they can stop the technology from going into the wrong hands. 

The Blair Witch Project

Blair Witch Project on Amazon Prime Video

The infamous movie that seemed so amateurishly filmed that everyone thought that it was a real story! For someone with a weak heart, the combination of a scary movie filmed in the style of a lost footage shot in a first person view is just a bad, bad combination! The Blair Witch Project is just that. A very low budget movie, that turned out to be a huge success and influenced how movies were made and marketed in future. If your morbid curiosity is something of a big part of your life, you should watch this movie. Three student filmmakers, Heather Donahue, Michael Williams and Joshua Legend, were determined to go in deep and find out about the urban legend, Blair Witch, which, according to the legend, is the ghost of Elly Kedward, who was accused of witchcraft and was banished from the village hundreds of years ago. So, the team went to Burkittsville, Maryland to shoot the videos for their documentary of the same. This group of three, Heather being the director, Joshua being the cameraman and Michael being the sound crew, set out to interview people around the area, and decided to go in the woods to see if the urban legend holds true or not. They weren’t back home when they should’ve been, and everyone mysteriously disappeared. Only thing that the searchers were able to find was the video footage of everything they captured in their cameras which was compiled together to show what really happened with them during the night in the woods. You can watch this film with free trial through Amazon Prime Video, so that's pretty cool. 


A first person movie from the perspective of a serial killer who has a fetish of scalps. The movies are getting more and more gruesome in this list, I think! This movie shows how a serial killer with the suppressed desire of being in a killing spree for fulfilling his fetish of scalping his victim and putting the hair on the mannequin, just couldn’t control it when he met a beautiful photographer. Frank Zito (Elijah Wood) is an owner of mannequin shop he got from his mother. He is a troubled man who had a rough childhood because he was abused by his mother. This results in him being a psychopath and a serial-killer. He never had any healthy relationship with women, which made his sexual urges very violent and developed the fetish for cutting the scalps of the victim and putting on one of his mannequins. He tried to suppress it and tried to be normal, but all in vain. He eventually learned to control this desire, until he met a beautiful photographer, Anna (Nora Arnezeder), who was interested in the mannequins and wanted them in her art exhibition, which Frank agreed to do. The two became very good friends, and Frank fell in love with her, resulting in his serial killing instincts to come back. He meets Anna’s boyfriend, Jason (Sammi Rotibi), in the exhibition and obviously became jealous and had a fight with him. He also met art director, Rita (Jan Broberg), who, because of the way she treated him, revived the rage he had towards her mother, and took it all out on her later. Eventually Anna came to know about these homicidal tendencies of Frank, but maybe it was too late for her. 

Lady In The Lake

This is one of the oldest first-person movies, and is the most neutral in this list in terms of being gory and horror themed. This murder-mystery was an adaptation of the 1943 Raymond Chandler novel “The Lady in the Lake”. If you like noir and like watching old movies, this will be worth giving a shot. Phillip Marlowe (Robert Montgomery) is a private detective who is hired by Adrienne Fromsett (Audrey Totter) to find Chrystal Kingsby, the wife of her boss Derace Kingsby (Leon Ames). While Derace assumes that she ran off and wants to leave her alone, Adrienne informed the detective that Chrystal has a boyfriend named Chris Lavery (Dick Simmons), who could be the reason why she ran off. On the surface, it seemed like the motive behind Adrienne dedicated to find Chrystal is to catch them red-handed, resulting in a divorce and her being Mrs. Kingsby. But, when the detective searched for her, he sees a new murder case wherever Adrienne suggested him to search. Also, events like trying to follow Chris and getting framed by him for DUI, and finding out that there’s no news of Chrystal from a month, and the death of Chris in the bathtub afterwards, made him feel that he wasn’t just hired for the purpose of finding Chrystal, there’s much more going on. 


While I’m gonna agree with everyone that it reminds me of Godzilla in one way or another, but other than that, in some scenes it also seems like a mix of War of The Worlds and The Darkest Hour combined with the first-person view. Basically, just put almost any of the invasion movies and add a POV to it. So, other words, it could be a great experience watching it. Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David), a citizen of New York, just got promoted and is about to move to Japan. His girlfriend, Lily (Jessica Lucas), and his friends, Hud (T.J. Miller), Beth (Odette Annable) and everyone else decides to throw a farewell party for him, to say a heart-warming goodbye to him. Hud operates the camera the whole time, the same camera that U.S. Defense Department would find out after the whole incident. Beth left the party early because of a quarrel between her and Hud. Everything was going fine until they heard a big explosion which almost felt like an earthquake, and it frightened everyone. A gigantic monster, who looks very similar to a reptile, only much, much bigger, crashes in New York, ripping the head of Statue of Liberty in the process. Everywhere they saw, there was destruction. They came to know that Beth, who already left before the event, is in her apartment and is injured. They decided to rescue Beth, and while doing that, would have to overcome many obstacles, and would have to do everything they could to survive this invasion.


Everyone wants superpowers, but not everyone can control it. This movie is about three high school friends who got superpowers when they discovered a mysterious tunnel, but one of ‘em wasn’t mentally stable enough to control it. Andrew (Dane DeHaan), Matt (Alex Russell) and Steve (Michael B. Jordan) are three high school friends. While Andrew and Matt are cousins, Steve is one of the popular classmates who hangs out with them. Andrew has had it rough, so he is almost always unhappy. He had an alcoholic and abusive father, mother who is terminally ill and is needed care, and he is socially unpopular and is bullied a lot in school. So, he records his day-to-day life with a camera as a therapy to keep him from going crazy. One day, Andrew, Matt and Steve came across a tunnel, inside which they found an alien source for their telekinetic abilities. They were shocked and excited to be able to move things without touching them. They started doing friendly pranks and other stuff to have fun with it, which would involve making toys float in the air to freak little kids, moving someone’s car to somewhere else just to mess with them, etc. But, it didn’t take long when these fun and games started turning into a serious trouble. They all started quarrelling about how they should use their powers, and started disagreeing with each other. While others were able to control their newly gained powers, Andrew just wasn’t stable enough to take good decisions. In no time, he started using his powers for darker purposes. His friends tried to warn and failed, and soon he became a menace to society. 

Strange Days

Okay, so this one is not entirely a first-person movie, but the concept behind it is similar to what this list is about; an experience to feel from someone’s perspective. This movie is about an ex cop of LAPD, who deals with the memory devices, which a futuristic technology uses to let you not only see the memories of someone else, but also feel it through the receptors. He later finds himself in a deep trouble because of that. Lenny Nero (Ralph Fiennes) is an ex cop of LAPD, who deals with data-discs containing the memories of other people. These discs can be used in a device, called Superconducting Quantum Interference Device, SQUID for short, which lets the viewer to not only see the events happening through someone else’s perspective, but also lets them feel everything, from pain to emotions. He misses his ex-girlfriend, Faith (Juliette Lewis), who turned into a prostitute, and then into a singer. He is dependent on his friend Macey (Angela Bassett) for the time being, who is a limo-driver. Set in Los Angeles two days before the millennium, all hell broke loose when a black rapper named Jeriko One was murdered, and since he was considered the voice of the oppressed, it caused a riot in LA. A war between police officers and Afro-Americans started. One the other hand, Lenny was approached by a hooker Iris (Brigitte Bako) who frighteningly gave a disc to Lenny and told her that both her and Faith’s life is in danger, and left. When unsuccessfully trying to warn Faith later, he was given another disc by one of his contacts, which contains the recording of horrendous rape and murder of Iris. He and Macey sets out to find about the man who did it, along with saving Faith, but soon goes deeper and deeper into abyss when they’d get deep into some of the conspiracies involving the police force that Nero used to work for.

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