The HBO Comedy Festival, formerly known as the US Comedy Arts Festival, was a comedy festival that ran from 1995 to 2008. The festival included stand-up comedy performances, appearances by the casts of television shows, and has a film component called the Film Discovery Program. The annual Aspen outing usually took place in late February and/or early March.

The main reasons cited for the closing of the festival included the high cost of doing business in the ski resort, falling hotel availability and pricey rates for available lodgings, many of which require stays of several days, which interferes with the work schedules of busy agents, network development executives and other industry attendees. The weather also has caused havoc over the years, with canceled flights into Aspen forcing attendees to drive through the snow for hours or canceling their trips.

The first 13 editions of the US Comedy Arts Festival were held annually at the Wheeler Opera House and other venues in Aspen, Colorado.

Although the festival hasn’t ran for a number of years now, it was a greatly popular event that attracted comedy films and performances from across America. We hope to see it return one day!



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