July 28, 2019


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If you're a Netflix user with a love for Japanese media, you probably get frustrated at times with the lack of Japanese movie and tv show titles in your library. But did you know that you can very easily access Japanese Netflix through the use of a VPN? This will give you access to loads of movies and tv shows that aren't available in your normal Netflix library and that can only be found on the Japanese version of Netflix. And it's really easy to access this version of Netflix, here is how:

VPN (100% free)

The Japanese version of Netflix can very easily be accessed from anywhere in the world through the use of a VPN, and this even includes free VPN services! Here is how you can do that:

  • First, sign up to a VPN. Head to ExpressVPN, and get 30 days free. You can cancel before the 30 days is up and get your money back.
  • Set your location to Japan within the ExpressVPN dashboard
  • Next, head to the Netflix website, you should notice a new list of Japanese shows and movies on your Netflix homepage. If not, you might need to sign out and start a free trial using different credentials (don't worry, you can cancel the trial before you get charged and once you've watched all of the Japanese Netflix content you want)
  • And that's it! 

One thought on “How to watch Japanese Netflix (From Anywhere)

  1. Surfshark works well for that as well, been using it for streaming and hadn’t had any major streaming issues

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