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Whenever I recommend someone to start watching Naruto, they usually take a look at all of the episodes of the show, all of the movies and how many hours they'd have to invest into the series to finish it, and they ask me, "is Naruto really worth watching?" And I always say yes, absolutely! However, make sure you're prepared when you start watching Naruto, and keep the following points in mind:

It's long

If you include all series of Naruto, there are 673 episodes of Naruto to get through. To put that into perspective, that's almost as many as The Simpsons. And that's not even counting the 11 movies that accompany the series. So if you're planning to start watching Naruto, be prepared for some serious work!


There is a lot of filler

Filler episodes are any episodes which don't progress the plot - and there are quite a few of those episodes in the Naruto series. Luckily quite a few sites have made lists of all of the filler episodes of Naruto, so if you're pressed for time and don't want to watch every episode of Naruto, you can skip the filler episodes.



The movies aren't canon

The good news for anyone who is struggling with the idea of having to watch 11 Naruto movies alongside all of the episodes is that the movies are not necessary watching to understand the series. However if you want to watch the movies (and let's face it, you might as well) then we have a guide which let's you know what Naruto episodes you should watch before and after each movie. 




So hopefully this post has helped you decide if you should watch Naruto or not. We would say you absolutely should! Let us know in the comments if you plan on watching the Naruto series!

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