The John Paul II International Film Festival was modeled after the views and ideals of the late pope.. The festival featured films that celebrated life by acknowledging the strengths, struggles, and triumphs we experience when striving to give meaning to our existence. The filmmakers showcased in the festival were often filmmakers that slipped under the radar, and filmmakers of faith. The festival wanted to foster and encourage art that highlights values, human rights, Truth, and ultimately brings the Word of God to life. Tjhe festival managed to give exposure to talented filmmakers from all faiths.
It was an annual event where families, couples, singles, people of all ages and cultures could experience the beauty of Faith through film, music, and communion.

The John Paul II International Film Festival was founded in 2009, ten years after John Paul II’s Letter to Artists, and it ran for 2 weeks. 

Although the festival hasn’t ran for a number of years, it had a great impact on the faith film industry and we’d love to see it return one day!





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