What Is the Longest Movie Ever Made? 

Figuring out what the longest movie ever made is, is not exactly an easy thing to figure out. I mean, technically anything could be a movie. I could set up a camera in my house, let it film for 2 months then stop it and call the unedited recording a 'movie'. It wouldn't be a very enjoyable watch though. So when we talk about the longest movie, I want to lay some ground rules as to what I would deem to be a 'movie':

  • Must have some element of production
  • Must have characters
  • Must have a story/plot
  • The length must only be the running time of the actual movie, not the time it took to make the movie

So, this excludes some films that you'll see on certain lists which are purely experimental. I'm looking for proper cinematic films. Using data from IMDB and Wikipedia, we've complied a list of the longest movies ever, so:


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Amra Ekta Cinema Banabo (AKA: The Innocence) - 1265 minutes

This is a film which has been released in the past month (May 2019) and which clocks in at just over 21 hours, making it technically the longest film ever made. It's a Bangladeshi Bengali film based during the aftermath of the Bangladesh Liberation War. It's fictional and follows characters involved in politics, lies and deceit. It actually sounds pretty good and interesting so I might try and watch it when it is full released (December 2019), I'd have to watch it in chunks obviously! Apparently the film took 9 years to make and had a crew of over 4000 people working on it. That's incredible.



La Flor - 807 minutes

This is an Argentine film that was released in 2018, and is split up into 6 different sections (with intermissions). Unlike the majority of very long films that you'll read about, La Flor sounds genuinely pretty interesting and entertaining. The first section of the film is shot in the style of a B movie, and it's about a group of researchers who stumble across a cursed Egyptian mummy. Sounds fun right? The second episode follows a couple who write a song together, and also features a story about a secret society creating a formula that gives you eternal life by using...an apparently extinct species of scorpion? Yes, that is really the plot. The 3rd episode is about a group of spies, the 4th episode actually breaks the 4th wall, as it's about the actors turning against the director. The 5th is a black and white remake of a film called Partie De Campagne, and the final episode is about an Englishwoman living in the Americas during the 19th century. Some of these sound genuinely interesting to me.


Out 1 - 775 minutes

This is a French film from the 70s, with a length of almost 13 hours. Like the last film, it's split into different sections, 8 this time. I won't go through each section again, but the main idea behind the film is to have 8 different subplots that all eventually weave together. It's a very well made and cleverly made film, and is often cited as being one of the best films ever because of how well put together it is.


So there you go, the 3 longest movies ever made. And they all sound pretty interesting!