Marfa Film Festival

Since 2007 the Marfa Film Festival has attracted talented filmmakers, international press, industry professionals, and attendees from around the world. The remote landscape surrounding Marfa has witnessed a fascinating history of art and film through the ongoings of the festival. 

Typical happenings at the Marfa Film Festival included open air screenings and awesome musical performances.

It looks like the festival hasn't ran since 2018, but we hope to see it return one day. 


Marfa isn't the only festival that has stopped running. Made-In-Michigan, Latin American Film Festival, John Paul II, It Came From Lake Michigan, HBO Comedy Festival, Hazel Wolf, Filmstock, DocMiami, Daytona Beach Festival, Dark Carnival, CineVegas, Cardiff, Black Earth Film Festival, Big MINI, Angelus, Amelia Island, Optronica, Temecula, Big River, and Muskegon have all ended their festivals.