Since 2007 the Marfa Film Festival has attracted talented filmmakers, international press, industry professionals, and attendees from around the world. The remote landscape surrounding Marfa has witnessed a fascinating history of art and film which continues to unfold in 2013. Festival attendees enjoy an intimate get-away immersed in the unique culture, spectacular scenery, and clear air of the Marfa plateau, invariably an unforgettably enchanting experience.

Typical happenings at the Marfa Film Festival include open air screenings in the vast serenity of a starlit west texas prairie, impromptu musical performances commandeering the streets, and unexplained mystery lights dancing on the outskirts of town.

The Marfa Film Festival does not designate winners. Our program celebrates innovation and excellence in film through mindful curation and fostering a relaxed social space where up-and-coming filmakers and adventurous cinefiles mix with film veterans and living legends in a captivatingly scenic, culturally rich environment.

It looks like the festival hasn’t ran since 2018, but we hope to see it return one day. 





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