Considered quite controversial during it’s run, The Minneapolis Underground Film Festival brought to light independent underground filmmakers from across the world and their buried gems of films.

The Minneapolis Underground Film Festival (also known as MUFF, what a good acronym) was hosted and sponsored by the Film Society of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The festival used the screening facilities at the St. Anthony Main Theater in Minneapolis to showcase a bunch of independent cinema’s most provocative and original new work. Audience Q&A sessions were frequently held after their screenings. 

The mission of the festival was to exhibit artists, entertain audiences and inspire filmmakers to create exciting and original work. The team behind the festival placed a huge priority on promoting and screening local, national and international submissions from filmmakers. Not only did you get all of the incredible screenings, you also got to enjoy the atmosphere of the award winning restaurant where the filmmaker lounge was situated, so filmmakers can continue their Q&A and audience members can interact with filmmakers from around the world.

 Awards at the festival included:

  • Best Feature, Documentary, Experimental, Short Film, Editing, Cinematography,
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Largest Audience & Audience Choice Award

The festival did a great job at showcasing a wide range of talent, and although it is no longer running we do hope to see it soon! 

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