Movies about Alexander The Great you should watch

Colin Farrell in 'Alexander'


Alexander the Great is one of the most incredible historical figures to have ever lived - he never lost a battle in 15 years of fighting, and he named more than 70 cities after himself. In short, the man was an utter beast. Therefore it is no surprise to us to learn that there are quite a few movies about Alexander The Great that have been made, although we'll admit that given how impressive he was, there are fewer movies than we expected. In fact, if anything the research that we've done for this article suggests to us that it is high time to start making a new movie about Alexander The Great (can we get Ridley Scott attached please?).

Why aren't there loads of movies about Alexander the Great?

We think part of the reason for the lack of movies about Alexander the Great would be the sheer costs involved in making a movie that was remotely historically accurate to what actually happened during his life. Keep in mind, this man fought for 15 years and had a lot happen throughout his life. Any film that tried to tell his full story would likely need a very big budget and a very long runtime.

We thought we'd create a post about all of the movies about Alexander The Great that you should watch, let's get into it:

Alexander (2004)

Ok so even though this is probably the best-known movie about Alexander The Great that has ever been made, it is not very well-received. In fact, it has only got a rating of 14% from the critics on Rotten Tomatoes - yikes. This movie is also definitely the most high-profile of all Alexander The Great films we found because it has some seriously big names attached to it. Colin Farrell stars as the titular character, and A-listers like Angelina Jolie and Val Kilmer also pop up. So if anything the movie is worth watching to see these big names on the screen.

Alexander the Great (1956)

This movie is totally different from the first movie in our list - it is old, pretty cheap looking and there are no big names attached to it. But the one thing the Alexander the Great movie from 1956 has in common with the 2004 movie is that it is also badly reviewed, and is currently sitting with a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That's pretty bad. Part of the problem with this movie appears to be that it takes too broad of a look at the life of Alexander, showing his growth from the young son of Philip II to the great warrior.

The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great (2019)

This is a National Geographic documentary about Alexander the Great, and if you're looking for a comprehensive film about his life then this is definitely the best within that genre. This is a very straightforward documentary, so if you're looking for something exciting then you can definitely do better than this. But in terms of movies that provide you with facts about the life of Alexander the Great, this is excellent. You can stream this movie via Disney Plus.

Beyond the Movie: Alexander the Great (2004)

This documentary was released alongside the 2004 movie about Alexander the Great with all the stars in it, and we think this might be a little jab at that big Hollywood film. Describing it as 'Beyond the movie' isn't exactly subtle. Again, it's from National Geographic and it's pretty good.