Movies about Mozart you should watch

Tom Hulce as Mozart in 'Amadeus'


Mozart is probably one of the first names that come to mind when you think of classical music, and unsurprisingly his impressive musical output has inspired lots of movies. We thought we'd round up the best of them, let's get into it:

Amadeus (1984)

This movie explores the life of a young Mozart as he develops his talents, but the film mostly focuses on the rivalry that developed between Antonio Salieri and Mozart. This movie is great and was directed by Milos Forman, who also famously directed the excellent One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest starring Jack Nicholson. If you're looking for movies that give an overview of Mozart's life then there are better movies to watch, but if you're looking for a movie about a specific part of Mozart's life then this is a great watch. In fact, this movie has even popped up in lists of the best 80s movies. You can rent this movie with Prime Video.

Whom The Gods Love (1936)

This movie is also known simply as 'Mozart', but is usually better known as 'Whom The Gods Love'. This is a much more comprehensive movie that takes a look at the life of Mozart not just in terms of his music career, but also his personal life. It's a British movie directed by Basil Dean, a prolific director with a range of great movies under his belt. Whom The Gods Love is another of his very good films and we recommend you give it a watch.

Trillertrine (1991)

This is quite a strange and obscure movie that isn't particularly popular, but is still pretty well-received. It follows a group of orphans who are trying to find Mozart so they can get a rare score of one of his compositions to give to the prince of Saxony. It's as bizarre as that plot sounds, and to be honest, Mozart isn't really in the film much, but it is technically about Mozart so we've included it.

In Search of Mozart (2006)

Finally, a documentary! This movie is all about the life and output of Mozart, and is perfect if you're looking to get a comprehensive overview of his life and work. The film is really well-done and was directed by Phil Grabsky, who has also directed documentaries about Leonardo da Vinci and Picasso. This documentary is perfect for people who have never really listened to much Mozart before and is pretty much guaranteed to ignite a newfound passion for his music within you. Plus, it's narrated by well-known actor Juliet Stevenson.