Movies like Hereditary (6 Great Options)


Hereditary became an instant favorite of the horror genre and has maintained its popularity since being released in 2018. Director Ari Aster's terrifying and winding story centers on a grieve-stricken family who begins to learn more about their ancestry and the sinister fate following them.

The family is portrayed by Toni Collette, Alex Wolff, Milly Shapiro, and Gabriel Byrne who are all brilliant as the Graham family.

If you liked the film as much as we did then here are some other great movies that are like Hereditary:

A24 Films like Hereditary

Hereditary was an A24 film, a company that has produced or distributed some of my favorite independent movies in the last few years. Movies that challenge the norm like Uncut Gems, The Lighthouse, Waves, Moonlight, and Lady Bird as well as Ari Aster's incredible Midsommar.

If you loved Hereditary then you will definitely like some of the other horror films that A24 is behind. Here are a few:

1 - The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Released in 2017 and written and directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (who also wrote/directed The Lobster) The Killing of a Sacred Deer is similar to Hereditary in that it centers around a family and their home. It's dark and unsettling and unfolds with uncomfortable twists. Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman play the husband and wife, parents to two perfect children, and owners of a stunning well kept home. Barry Keoghan is taken in by Colin's character and beings to insert himself into their family with disturbing intent. We think it's similar to Hereditary because of the very slow build-up to quite a shocking and unexpected ending, plus the central performance from Farrell shows the Dad slowly losing his cool and becoming more disturbed, which we find to be like the slow decline of Toni Collette's character in Hereditary.

You can stream The Killing of a Sacred Deer on Netflix

2 - It Comes at Night

Also set inside a family home with a teenager and his parents as struggle ensues over between themselves and a younger family seeking refuge. This psychological horror stars Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, and Kelvin Harrison, Jr. as the family trying to stay safe from the horrors of the outside world but the paranoia and mistrust lead to much worse horrors inside the home.

You can stream It Comes at Night on Netflix

3 - The Witch

Similar to Hereditary, the family in The Witch believe they have been cursed and paranoia and darkness begins to unravel them. Set in New England in 1630 a farmer moves his family to a remote farm near a forest where unusual and evil occurrences begin. With one child missing and another possessed the family is tested as the horrors grow.

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More movies similar to Hereditary

4 - Suspiria

The original came out in 1977 and there was a remake in 2018. Both get a lot of praise with the newer version often being cited as more of a cover version than a remake so perhaps watch both. The story follows an American dancer who joins a prestigious German ballet academy, shortly after arriving at the school a series of grisly murders and supernatural events occur. Suspiria is a creepy and violent film with bizarre goings-on and a nightmare feel akin to Hereditary.

Watch Suspiria (2018) on Amazon Prime

5 - The Babadook

This 2014 horror was well-received critically and amongst audiences with 5/5 from several big outlets and 98% on rotten tomatoes. It's a chilling psychological horror about motherhood, grief, depression, and struggle with themes similar to Hereditary. The Babadook is a nightmarish fairytale to make your skin crawl with layers that explore much more serious issues.

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6 - Mother!

Mother! stars Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem as a couple living in a secluded Victorian mansion. The wife is devoted to renovating the property whilst the husband struggles with writer's block. When a stranger arrives at their home disturbing their tranquil life, the husband is finally inspired to write but will this chaos ruin their peaceful existence.

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