5 excellent movies like 'Knives Out' 


'Knives Out' from Rian Johnson was a surprise hit - after the mixed reception that 'The Last Jedi' received, some people raised an eyebrow when Johnson was given another large budget and all-star cast. But he managed to follow up the Star Wars film with one of the smartest and most enjoyable films of 2019. We thought it would be a good idea to round up some other great movies like 'Knives Out' that you can watch right now. 'Knives Out' was smart, fun, and slightly dark, so we're looking for any movies that have a similar mix of themes. Let's get into the recommendations:

Nocturnal Animals

A bit more cerebral and vague compared to 'Knives Out', but we think Nocturnal Animals still captures some of that mystery intrigue.

Death on the Nile (1978)

Anything by Agatha Christie would probably be an appropriate addition to this list, but Death on the Nile is probably the best film adaption of his books. There is a remake coming out in 2022 too.

Murder by Death (1976)

Another 70s film, this film is about 5 different detectives trying to solve a murder mystery. There are some great clips of the movie on YouTube that you can check out.

Gosford Park (2002)

Not only does this film also boast an all-star cast, it also has a very similar story to 'Knives Out'. Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith are great in this one.

Clue (1985)

This one is worth a watch just to see a young Tim Curry. Definitely has a similarly mischievous feel to 'Knives Out'.

Hopefully you check these movies out and you enjoy them as much as 'Knives Out'!