Movies like Zootopia (the most similar)

Zootopia is an animated movie from Disney about a community of anthropomorphic mammals. It captured the imaginations of people of all ages and has garnered a built of a cult following since it was released in 2016 due to the interesting themes it deals with and the surprisingly dark tone. The movie focuses on 2 police officers (a fox and a rabbit) who uncover a sinister plot. There is apparently a second Zootopia movie coming out soon, but details are still unclear. So in the meantime, we thought it would be a good idea to round up some other great movies like Zootopia that you can watch if you enjoyed Zootopia. Let's get into the list:

The Secret Life of Pets 

Probably the movie that you'll enjoy the most if you liked Zootopia would be The Secret Life of Pets - the animals in this movie aren't anthropomorphic, but they do speak like humans and behave like humans (except when their owners are looking at them!). Also if you really enjoyed watching this movie then good news - there is a sequel which is also fun. You can stream this movie via FXNOW.

Monsters, Inc.

Ok, so this might not be about animals behaving like humans, but it is about Monsters behaving like humans. They have jobs, houses, and even relationships. Plus, the buddy cop dynamic in Zootopia reminds us of the relationship between Mike and Sully. You can stream this movie via Disney Plus.


Sing is so similar to Zootopia that some passionate Zootopia fans online have claimed that Sing is just a rip-off of their beloved movie. We wouldn't go that far, but we certainly think there are similarities between the 2 animated movies. While Zootopia only includes anthropomorphic mammals, Sing actually includes reptiles and aquatic life, so that's pretty interesting to see. There is also a Sing 2 out there, so if you enjoyed the first movie then you can check out the sequel too. You can stream Sing via fuboTV.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This movie is a little different from the other picks in our list because it isn't a modern movie (it was released in the late 80s), but it does have some really clear similarities with Zootopia, and we actually think the movie probably inspired the people at Disney when they were thinking about Zootopia. In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the cartoon characters are portrayed as a minority group, and there is a plot to take them out. If you've watched Zootopia this should sound pretty interesting to you, as that is quite similar to how the predators are portrayed in that movie. If you enjoyed the darker parts of Zootopia then check this movie out. You can stream Who Framed Roger Rabbit via Disney Plus.