Muskegon Film Festival


The Muskegon Film Festival was an annual film festival put on by a large group of community members. Set across two days and nights of some of the top independent films at two downtown venues - the spectacular Frauenthal Theatre, and the cozy Beardsley Theatre - it was a very popular event. Seminars on film making and lots of areas to chat and meet the directors, actors, and producers. Each day you could catch as many films as you wish for one ticket price. There was great food, hot popcorn, and a good time. 

Awards given at the festival usually included:

  • Best Feature Film
  • (Critics Choice) Best Short Film
  • (Board Choice)
  • Audience Choice
  • Best College Film
  • Young Filmmakers

We hope to see the return of this festival one day!

There are a number of movies on our site based or filmed near Muskegon (Michigan), including The 5 Year Engagement, Scream 4, and Batman V Superman (which features Aquaman!).


Muskegon Film Festival isn't the only film festival to have stopped running. Humphrey Bogart Festival, Viscera, New York, Lifetree, Baystreet, SoCal Independent, North x North, Screentest, Minneapolis Underground, Julian Film Fest, San Antonio Independent Christian film festival, and Way Down, have all also ended their festivals.