Netflix in 2018 - a review

Paul Swansen, Flickr


About 60 percent of Netflix’s global audience watches the service’s content for children and families on a monthly basis, according to Melissa Cobb, Netflix’s animation chief. This explains how the launch of Disney+, with all of their children and family focused content, could be disatrous for the section of Netflix intended to appeal to children. 

As if the looming threat of Disney+ kids content wasn't bad enough for Netflix, the other new streaming services are also getting involved in the game - AppleTV have announced a series called 'Snoopy in Space', and HBO have announced a deal with Sesame Street for their new service, HBO Max. Yikes. 

Interestingly, Netflix have decided to invest more money into violent content made for adults, including the recent Outlaw King film, and adding the series The Vikings to their platform.

They've also had some strange events accompany the release of these movies, including an axe throwing event hosted by the WATL and a drinking game to celebrate the launch of Vikings. Definitely not kid friendy.

This could all be a ploy to nab some more Oscars this year, as more adult content is favored. We'll see how that works out for them.