The New York Underground Film Festival was an annual event that occurred each March at Anthology Film Archives in New York City from 1994 through 2008, and it was one of the most interesting - and often controversial film festivals - around. 

It was founded by filmmakers Todd Phillips and Andrew Gurland, both of whom have successful Hollywood careers. They eventually turned the festival over to programmer Ed Halter. The festival became especially noted for showcasing documentary and experimental films, and was regarded as quite a controversial event (especially during the early years). Some of the controversial happenings that took place included:

  • Premiering a film called 'Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys' in 1994
  • Premiering a film in 1995 that accused Quentin Tarantino of plagiarism
  • Premiering a Harry Potter parody called 'Wizard People, Dear Reader' which eventually led to legal action by Warner Brothers to suppress future theatrical showings of the film.

In 2008 the festival organizers announced that, instead of passing on the torch to a younger generation - as has been the tradition, the 15th festival would be the last ever. There is apparently a new festival in the works from the founders of NYUFF, so fingers crossed we'll see that soon. 


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