North x North Festival


Founded in 2016, the North by North Festival was a cultural festival that attempted to capture the spirit of Alaska and the Arctic. The festival founders wanted to address the challenges and opportunities with Northern innovation and resilience, to build on a rich history and to ensure a future full of promise for the area. The Festival was intended for the North, and organized by Northerners, with goals of sustainability, livability and growth. The Festival sought to bring innovators from across Alaska, the nation and other Arctic regions to collaborate and address local and circumpolar challenges. 

The creators of the festival outlined their mission as follows:

  • To Maximize public awareness and participation in Arctic and specifically Alaskan culture(s)
  • To create a participatory archive of arts and cultural events
  • To attract wide and diverse national and international media attention

  • To advance Alaska interests in the Arctic

  • To ensure a lasting framework for Alaska participation in Arctic event

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Although the festival is no longer running, we hope to see the return of it soon! 



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