Optronica Festival


Although Optronica Festival has not been around for a while now, we loved it so much that we decided to write a little 'In Memoriam' type post to remind everyone (and ourselves) of the great event that it was. 

Optronica was a five day festival that would feature a wide range of movies from a wide range of filmmakers, and the same could be said for the variety of the music on offer. 

Optronica was one of the few festival in the UK that was completely dedicated to the new audio-visual languages and their different exceptions, so it's a shame that it's no longer around. We hope to see it again soon! 


 Optronica Film Festival isn't the only festival that has stopped running. Temecula, Big River, Muskegon, Humphrey Bogart Festival, Viscera, New York, Lifetree, Baystreet, SoCal Independent, North x North, Screentest, Minneapolis Underground, Julian Film Fest, San Antonio Independent Christian film festival, and Way Down, have all ended their festivals.