Although Optronica Festival has not been around for a while now, we loved it so much that we decided to write a little ‘In Memoriam’ type post to remind everyone (and ourselves) of the great event that it was. 

Optronica was a five day festival that decided to be undecided on its film festival/music festival identity. Veterans and upcomers could strut their audiovisual stuff on London’s Southbank, and it would feature a wide range of movies from a wide range of filmmakers, and the same could be said for the variety of the music on offer. 

It was a joint venture from Addictive TV and the bfi National Film Theatre (NFT), and was described as the World’s first ever festival dedicated to exploring the convergence of visuals & music.  Optronica typically took take place in July at the NFT and at the bfi London IMAX Cinema – the biggest screen in Britain. 

Optronica was one of the few festival in the UK that was completely dedicated to the new audio-visual languages and their different exceptions, so it’s a shame that it’s no longer around. We hope to see it again soon! 





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