Pablo Escobar movies you should watch

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Blow (2001)

This movie starring Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz heavily involves Pablo Escobar, as Depp's character (cocaine smuggler George Jung) goes into business with him. George eventually manages to become Escobar's top U.S. importer. Cliff Curtis plays Escobar, you may recognize that name from movies like The Meg. Blow is based on true events, so is quite a good movie to watch if you want to learn more about Pablo Escobar. We included this movie in our list of movies about drugs, you can stream this movie via Hulu.

American Made (2017)

American Made stars Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, a Baton Rouge pilot who gets involved in smuggling drugs and arms. Escobar pops up in the movie when Seal gets bundled into a car and told by Escobar and 2 other men that they need his flying skills to help them navigate a short runway. Although this movie is partly based on true events, this scene with Escobar isn't totally accurate - the movie shows Seal becoming friends with Escobar and partying with him when in reality it was a little less glamorous. Seal was jailed in Honduras for being found with 40kg of cocaine, and there wasn't much partying going on. This is still a great movie and an interesting look at how Seal and Escobar's paths crossed. You can stream this movie via Spectrum on Demand.

Loving Pablo (2017)

This is another movie about Pablo Escobar starring Penélope Cruz, and it's another good one. Javier Bardem plays Escobar and Cruz plays the role of a well-known Colombian television presenter who has an affair with Escobar. Interestingly this movie is based on a true story, and a book about the affair was published. This movie was directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, who is best known for making Spanish movies (including the well-received Mondays in the Sun).

Escobar: Paradise Lost (2014)

This is another movie about Pablo Escobar with a few big-name actors in the cast, including Benicio Del Toro playing the role of the drug kingpin and Josh Hutcherson (best known for his role in The Hunger Games movies). This movie follows a young surfer who starts going out with the niece of Escobar and slowly finds himself getting dragged into the family business of drug smuggling. This is the first movie in our list that is totally fictional in terms of the story, but obviously it includes some names of real people within the Escobar family. You can stream this movie via HBO Max.

The Two Escobars (2010)

This is a fascinating documentary, and the first documentary we've included in our list. Despite how bizarre the story shown in this film is, it's entirely true. The 2 Escobars referenced in the title are of course Pablo Escobar, and also Andres Escobar, a very famous Colombian footballer. Pablo Escobar used his money to fund the Colombian football team, which helped the team become favorites to win the 1994 World Cup in Los Angeles. However, when Andres scored an own goal in a match against the USA, Escobar decided to act with devastating results. Not only is it one of the best documentaries about Pablo Escobar ever made, it's also one of the best sports documentaries ever made in our opinion. The movie is sitting with a high rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is critically acclaimed.

Sins of My Father (2009)

Sins of My Father (known as 'Mio padre, Pablo Escobar') is a shocking documentary from the perspective of Pablo Escobar's son, Juan. When his father was killed, Juan was young and was initially determined to seek revenge and to carry on the legacy of his father. However, as he grew older, Juan had a change of heart and decided to try and set as much of his father's wrongdoings right as he could. This is a fascinating movie because it not only provides a unique insight into the life of Escobar but also deals with interesting themes about the burden and curse of legacy.