Portable Film Festival


The Portable Film Festival was an interesting film festival where audiences could download a full film for free to a portable device, such as an iPod or laptop. This was supposed to make films more readily available to anyone, regardless of their situation or location.

At it's most popular, the festival had over 15,000 members, which is seriously impressive!


Although the festival hasn't ran for a number of years now, the attitude of the festival had a great impact on indie filmmaking and helped to launch lots of careers. 


Portable isn't the only festival that has stopped running. Miami Latin Festival, Marfa, Made-In-Michigan, Latin American Film Festival, John Paul II, It Came From Lake Michigan, HBO Comedy Festival, Hazel Wolf, Filmstock, DocMiami, Daytona Beach Festival, Dark Carnival, CineVegas, Cardiff, Black Earth Film Festival, Big MINI, Angelus, Amelia Island, Optronica, Temecula, Big River, and Muskegon have all ended their festivals.