The Portable Film Festival was an online channel and film festival offering audiences the chance to download an entire curated international film and video program for free to a portable device, such as an iPod, Sony PSP, 3G capable mobile phone or laptop. The festival worked to liberate the filmmaking and film viewing process, making story accessible to everyone regardless of their experience, location, or technical proficiency. As a cultural movement, the festival represented the growing democratization of filmmaking and viewing processes across the world.

At it’s height, the festival had over 15,000 registered members and 50,000 unique visitors per month.

The festival channel focused on featuring new work as well as film and video culture each day of the year. Each August, the Portable Film Festival hosted an annual competition, which featured a curated selection of film and video culture. 

Although the festival hasn’t ran for a number of years now, the attitude of the festival had a great impact on indie filmmaking and helped to launch lots of careers. 




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