San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival


The San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival was a film festival located in San Antonio, Texas.

We have a few movies on our site that are based or were filmed in Texas, including Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The festival was forced to close due to financial losses, which is a real shame considering how well it promoted indepedent and Christian cinema. For example, the 2009 festival had almost 2,500 attendees and a record 250 entries. 

We will likely never see the return of this festival, however it's great to remember how popular and special it was!



San Antonio Independent Film Festival isn't the only film festival to have stopped running. Middle Coast, Lifetree, Bay Street, SoCal Independent, North x North, Screentest, Minneapolis Underground, Julian Film Fest, San Antonio Independent Christian film festival, and Way Down, have all also ended their festivals.


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