The Siouxland Film Festival launched in 2003, and was created to promote the art of film, to encourage and support young filmmakers and bring interesting films to the Orpheum theater in Sioux City. 

The Siouxland Institute of Film, Inc. and its creators worked for 9 years to promote independent film in Siouxland, a tri-state area including parts of Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. With over 100,000 people living in the immediate area and marketing to thousands more that live nearby, the institute brought in films throughout the year and hosted the Film Festival. The festival always included short films, with a 15 minute length limit so that the festival could show more films. The festival was always held at Sioux City’s historic Orpheum Theater, a 2400 seat renovated performance hall.

Although the festival hasn’t ran for a number of years now, we’d love to see it return one day!








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