The Best Movies About Drugs (5 Options)

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There are lots of movies about drugs, but I think it's fair to say that many of them are less than stellar. It can be hard to translate the effects of drugs onscreen, and directors have struggled to do this well for years. Luckily, some movies about drugs manage to capture the effects really well, so we thought it would be a good idea to round up the best movies about drugs that we've seen and that are highly rated by both critics and audiences. Let's get into the list:

Side Effects (2013)

From acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh, 'Side Effects' is a star-studded psychological thriller about a fictitious anti-depressant that has unforeseen side effects. The movie doesn’t reveal who’s really mentally disturbed until right at the end, and it is critical of both the world of psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry. You can stream this movie via STARZ.

Off Label (2013)

Off Label is an interesting and quite shocking documentary that exposes the pharmaceutical industry and shines a light on the havoc that it can cause. The film follows 8 different people who are consuming drugs for medical purposes. It's thought-provoking but also well-made and has some great visuals. You can stream this movie via Kanopy.

Blow (2001)

In 'Blow', Johnny Depp plays George Jung - a high-school football star who becomes the world's biggest importer of cocaine from Colombia's Medellin cartel. It's an incredible true story, and the cast is excellent. This is definitely not a classic, but it is very well done and we have watched it a few times. You can stream this movie via Hulu.

Fire In The Blood (2013)

This is a documentary about a specific incident relating to drug access when people in Africa and other parts of the global south couldn't gain access to antiretroviral drugs. The film claims that pharmaceutical companies holding patent monopolies refused to give these drugs to poorer parts of the world because they wouldn't make enough money from it, so millions of people die. The claims in the film have been denied by many within the pharmaceutical industry, but it is certainly an interesting film. You can stream this movie via Netflix.

Climax (2018)

We already included this movie in our list of the most disturbing movies on Amazon Prime, but drugs are so central to the plot of this film that we had to include it in this list too. It's about a group of French dancers who are rehearsing in a school, and suddenly start to lose control of themselves. This is because they've all been spiked with LSD. It's a really crazy and chaotic movie, and definitely not an advertisement for drug use.

These are some of our favorite movies about drugs, there is a mix here of interesting and entertaining choices. Let us know your best picks!