The best movies about drummers (you need to watch)

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Every good band has a good drummer, that goes without saying. But something that isn't often spoken about is how interesting drummers tend to be. They're sat at the back of the stage and rarely get a chance to stop smacking the skins. The role requires skill, stamina, and, let's face it, a bit of animal energy. So it's no wonder that drummers have surprised so many movies and documentaries. We thought we'd round up what we believe to be the best movies about drummers, based on our opinions and critic reviews. Let's get into the list:

Beware of Mr. Baker (2013)

This is an excellent documentary about Ginger Baker, an extremely talented drummer, and an equally interesting man. He was the co-founder of the rock band Cream and was known for his style that combined jazz and African rhythms. The film is edited in an energetic manner and conveys the madness of Ginger Baker really well. He sadly passed away in 2019 and the film is a great reminder of his talent, we highly recommend you give it a watch.

Whiplash (2014)

Whiplash is a film that doesn't sound like it should be as gripping and enthralling as it is, yet somehow it manages to be. A young drummer joins a music school and gets pushed to his limits by an experienced and aggressive teacher. The performances from J.K Simmons and Miles Teller are amazing and the climax of the film is tense and exciting. We love this movie and highly recommend you give it a watch. You can stream this movie with STARZ via Prime Video.

The Rocker (2008)

This is a comedy starring Rainn Wilson (and a bunch of other big names) about a drummer who was big in the 80s but gets kicked out of his band, so joins his nephew's band. If you enjoy movies such as School of Rock, you'll probably have a really good time with this movie. Plus, it features lots of great music and drumming sequences throughout the runtime. You can stream this movie via DIRECTV.

Drumline (2002)

This movie is surprisingly good. It's basically a typical sports movie, except with drumming. Similar to Whiplash, it shows a side of the world of drumming that most are not familiar with - the fiercely competitive world of marching bands. What we really like about this movie is that despite having serious moments, it is still really fun and has lots of comedy moments and characters. You can stream this movie via Cinemax with Prime Video.

The Gene Krupa Story (1959)

This Biopic from the 50s is about the very talented jazz drummer Gene Krupa, a name that every drumming enthusiast will be very familiar with. The movie is pretty true to his story - a young talented drummer whose parents want him to be a drummer decides to follow his dreams to play drums in a jazz band, so heads to New York. It's an inspiring story and is definitely worth a watch, you can stream this movie via The Roku Channel.

Sound of Metal (2019)

This movie is about a heavy-metal drummer who loses his hearing and slowly finds his life becoming harder and harder. Riz Ahmed stars as the drummer and does a great job at conveying the issues that deafness can cause for people. This movie is a stark reminder for drummers that hearing is fragile and once it is gone, you won't get it back. You can stream this movie via Prime Video.