The best movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street

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A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of the best horror movies ever made, and this masterpiece from Wes Craven spawned a very successful franchise and inspired countless filmmakers. Freddy Kruger is a totally iconic villain who manages to be both funny and terrifying. Many movies have tried to recreate the magic formula of A Nightmare on Elm Street, so we wanted to highlight what we believe to be the best movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street that we've ever seen. We'll also be using information from the review platform Rotten Tomatoes to inform our inclusions. Let's get into the list:

Hellraiser (1987)

Some of the best and scariest moments in A Nightmare on Elm Street are the supernatural horror moments, and if you enjoy that aspect of the movie then you should definitely check out Hellraiser. It's gory, really weird, and even funny at parts - just like A Nightmare on Elm Street. It definitely lacks a villain with the charm of Freddy, but it makes up for that by having some really iconic and creepy designs (everyone recognizes Pinhead). You can stream this movie via Hoopla.

Child's Play (1988)

Child's Play might lack some of the genuine scares that A Nightmare on Elm Street has, but in Chucky, it definitely has a villain who could go toe to toe with Freddy. They're both funny and they've got lots of things in common in terms of how they kill people, and also their backstories. Freddy Kruger is the spirit of a serial killer and Chucky is also a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray who uses a voodoo ritual to trap his soul into a Good Guys doll. They're very similar and we'd love to see them team up someday. You can stream this movie via STARZ with Prime Video.

The Evil Dead (1981) and Evil Dead 2 (1987)

We had to include these 2 movies in our list because there has long been a fan theory that The Evil Dead movies and A Nightmare on Elm Street are set in the same universe. Sam Raimi even included Freddy Krueger's glove in the 2nd Evil Dead movie, so it isn't a far-fetched theory. But there are other similarities between these movies - the supernatural gore in The Evil Dead is fun and often cartoonish, plus we think that Bruce Campbell's performance is similar to Freddy's in ways, perhaps even more so in the second Evil Dead movie. We think it's a pretty safe bet that if you're a fan of the Evil Dead movies, you'll get a kick out of A Nightmare on Elm Street. You can stream both of these movies via HBO Max.

Scream (1996 film)

'Scream' is the only movie in this list that isn't a horror movie from the 80s (it was released in the 90s), but it does have a very 80s feel to it. Whilst it is definitely scary, it also makes fun of itself a lot and the villain is funny in a similar way to Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street. The murder methods of Ghostface are a bit more straightforward and simple compared to what Freddy puts his victims through, but we still think these movies have a really similar feel. You can stream this movie via AMC+ with Prime Video.