July 6, 2019


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So you're enjoying watching the Naruto tv series, but you've suddenly realized that there is a whole bunch of Naruto movies that were released alongside the tv series! So you start asking yourself...do I actually need to watch these movies, and if so then when do I watch them and in what order? So we decided to answer this question for anyone who is confused, here are the 10 Naruto movies and when you should watch them (we'll avoid spoilers as much as we can, we'll just mention why you should watch the movie). We should also mention that these movies are not canon, so the order we recommending them in is chronological with the tv series rather than anything to do with the plot:


Clash in the Land of Snow

The best time to watch Clash in the Land of Snow is probably after episode 101, as there are some things that happen in this movie that you won't understand unless you've watched the tv series up until this point.


Legend of the Stone of Gelel

Watch the 2nd Naruto movie after episode 160.


Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom

Watch this movie after episode 196.


Naruto Shippūden the Movie

Watch this movie after episode 23



Watch this movie after episode 70


The Will of Fire

Watch this after episode 121


The Lost Tower

Watch this after episode 169


Blood Prison

Watch this after episode 221


Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie

Watch this after episode 271


The Last - Naruto the Movie

You'll want to watch this movie between chapters 699 and 700 of the manga


Hopefully this list helps you figure out when you need to watch the Naruto movies and in what order! Let us know if this has helped in the comments section.

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