Best World War 2 movies on Amazon Prime (5 Options)

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for World War 2 movies - they tend to make me feel pretty emotional, but also I get caught up in the frantic nature of the wars that are depicted in the films. As a fan of Amazon Prime, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a number of World War 2 movies on there ready to stream, the best of which I've outlined below:

1 - Dunkirk

watch Fury free with Amazon Prime

Dunkirk is an incredibly visceral World War 2 film, and when I saw it at the cinema I was blown away by the sound design and how "in it" I felt. The great thing about Dunkirk is that you can watch it for free using a 7 day trial of Cinemax through Amazon Prime Video. Awesome right? Click the image above or here.

2 - Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds is one of the more popular modern films by creative genius Quentin Tarantino. Although a fictional film, it is based during World War 2 and depicts exaggerated variations of incidents which almost certainly did occur during the war. The movie is excellent - violent, tense and even quite funny at points. It has some great reviews over on Amazon Prime Video, and the great thing about this movie is that you can watch it for free through a SHOWTIME trial with Amazon Prime Video, just cancel before the trial ends and you won't pay anything. Awesome!

Don't fancy a war movie today? How about a Korean film or psychological thriller?

3 - Enemy At The Gates

watch Enemy at the gates with amazon prime for free

I love this film - 2 snipers duelling throughout the entire film, showcasing their talents as marksmen and showing how 2 actors can put on a great performance without even needing to be next to each other. The film is set during World War 2 and there are more than a few references to the war during the movie, so if you're interested in that then it's another good reason to watch the movie. You can watch this film for free during a Prime 30 day free trial, so that's plenty of time to enjoy it! We actually included this movie in our list of best sniper movies.

4 - World War II: Total War

watch World War 2: Total War

We've had mostly fiction so far, but if you're interested in World War 2 then you should definitely watch documentary footage too. This series uses real footage to show what happened in brutal detail. You can watch this series for free using a Prime 30 day trial.

5 - Downfall

watch Downfall free with Amazon Prime trial

Downfall stars the late Bruno Ganz, a brilliant German actor who plays Hitler incredibly in this tense World War 2 movie. This film is famous for the scene of Hitler finding out that they've essentially lost the Second World War, and going crazy at his generals. I love Bruno Ganz in this but also in films like The House That Jack Built, he was a great actor and will be sorely missed. If you'd like to watch Downfall for free, you can do so with an Amazon Prime free trial. I'd highly recommend it.

So that just about sums up our list of World War 2 movies on Amazon Prime, all of these can be watched for free with a trial so check them out!