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Broad City is a great little sitcom about 2 girls who are best friends and who are just making their way around New York city. It started off as a web series but was snapped up by Comedy Central because it was so good. If you want to watch it online for free then you have a bunch of options:


Comedy Central + $0 VPN

So one of the great things about Broad City is that it's available to watch completely free through Comedy Central for anyone based in the USA. But if you're based outside of the USA and you head to the Comedy Central website, you won't be able to access the show because it's not available in any other regions. HOWEVER, using a free VPN, you can access the Comedy Central website (and all of their glorious free content) from any region. Here is what you need to do:


  1. Get yourself a good free VPN – I recommend ExpressVPN. It’s reliable and has 30 days free, so plenty of time to watch all Broad City episodes before you need to cancel. Set your location to USA within the ExpressVPN dashboard.
  2. Then head to the Comedy Central website, find the Broad City section and get busy watching
  3. Watch as much Broad City as you can manage within the next 30 days (and whatever else you fancy on the Comedy Central website). Right before the 30 days is up, cancel the free VPN trial (only if you want to, I'd recommend having a VPN for any internet activity but it's up to you) and that’s it! You did it bro. 

Are there any other options for watching Broad City online?

Yes there are - if Comedy Central ever decides to stop giving free access to Broad City episodes through it's platform, then there are a few other things you could try:

Hulu + $0 VPN

Yep, the entire show is also available on Hulu (and Hulu can be used with a free trial, so as long as you cancel before the trial is up you won't pay anything). I've recommended a free VPN again because anyone outside of the USA will need a VPN to access Hulu too:

watch Broad City with Hulu free trial


So hopefully this information helps you watch this great series wherever you are based! 


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