Buffy The Vampire Slayer Weirdest Fact

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is an awesome tv show and I had a massive crush on SMG back in the day (it's still there, I'll admit). I sometimes hope there will be a reboot but then at other times when I re-watch the show I think, hey that's pretty good still. Maybe we don't need a reboot. But anyway, I was looking around the internet the other day for info about a Buffy remake and stumbled across the following fact on MentalFloss:Gellar and Boreanaz would do horrible things to each other before kissing scenes or any kind of intimate scene. Like eat tuna fish and pickle before kissing, or if he had to unbutton Geller's shirt or trousers she would pin them or sew them together to make it as hard as possible, once she even dropped ice cream on him!

wikimedia commons

This fact is actually so funny and makes me want to rewatch all of the kissing and intimate scenes in BTVS to look out for any squirming on either of their faces. I think this probably just shows how great their relationship was that they felt comfortable enough to do this with each other. Anyway, let's hope that the reboot will be well thought out, and not just a rushed together pile of crap designed to bank on a recognizable IP.