Between the Folds – where to watch this documentary online and why it’s worth watching

Between the Folds is a 2008 documentary directed by Vanessa Gould. Here is some information about where to watch it online, and why we think it’s worth watching:


What’s the documentary about?

The film explores the art and science of origami, the ancient Japanese paper-folding craft. Through interviews with origami artists, mathematicians, and scientists, the documentary delves into the intricate world of paper folding, revealing its surprising connections to mathematics, science, and creativity. “Between the Folds” not only showcases the beauty of origami but also highlights the passion and innovation of the artists who have elevated it to a form of artistic and scientific expression.

Where can you watch it online?

Currently, you can stream Between the Folds via Kanopy, a service you can access via your university or library.

Why is this documentary worth watching?

You’ll gain a new appreciation for the art of origami, and you’ll also feel inspired by the dedication and mastery of the people that the documentary follows.





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