Angel Has Fallen

Gerard Butler is back in Angel Has Fallen. If you are looking to watch Angel Has Fallen online you can find options for Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu here.


Angel Has Fallen

Director: Ric Roman Waugh

Cast: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman & Jada Pinkett Smith

Release: August 23rd, 2019

Official Website:


The third film in the Has Fallen franchise sees Secret Service agent Mike Banning framed for trying to assassinate the President. With the FBI in pursuit, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) must clear his name whilst also finding out the real group behind the attempt and stop them before they launch a new attack.

Is Angel Has Fallen on Netflix?

Yes - Angel Has Fallen is streaming on Netflix US. If you have a Netflix subscription you can instantly watch the film with no extra cost. If you are a fan of the franchise then Olympus Has Fallen (2013) is also available to stream on Netflix.

Check if Angel Has Fallen is on Netflix in your country by searching Netflix.

Where else can you stream Angel Has Fallen? - Hulu, Prime, Youtube?

You can also stream the movie on tubi tv and rent on Amazon Prime Video or Google Play Store, at the moment the film is not available on Hulu.