First-Person horror movies you should watch

'REC' (2007)


Horror movies often make us scared because we imagine ourselves as the characters in the movie. We might be getting chased by a chainsaw-wielding psychopath, getting haunted by relentless ghosts, or maybe even just slowly going crazy as we spend months trapped on an island with a gassy lighthouse keeper. However, first-person horror movies do an even better job at making you feel as if you're trapped in the nightmare of whatever movie you're watching, and so it's unsurprising that some of the scariest horror movies are filmed from a first-person perspective. We thought we'd round up all of our first-person horror movies, let's get into it:

REC (2007)

If you're any sort of horror fan, then you've almost certainly likely heard of the REC movies. These low-budget Spanish horror movies are filmed in a first-person style, and they make for some seriously scary scenes. It's not surprising to see that despite being released almost 15 years ago, these movies continue to pop up in 'best of' horror lists. You can stream this movie via AMC+ with Prime Video at the moment.

Maniac (2012)

Starring Elijah Wood, Maniac is a pretty brutal slasher about a serial killer who likes to cut the scalps off people. Yep, this one is seriously gory and definitely not one for anyone squeamish. The first-person camera angle makes for some uniquely creepy and unsettling moments throughout the movie.

Hotel Inferno (2013)

This is another low-budget entry in our list, but also another total gore-fest. The first-person perspective helps to build moments of tension and the gore looks especially gruesome when you see it so up close and personal. Plus, this movie features a very funny and somewhat disturbing first-person vomiting sequence (yeah, watch out for that one).

Afflicted (2013)

2 best friends set out on a trip to travel the world. What could go wrong? Lots, of course. This found-footage movie is all shot from the perspective of one of the friends, and without getting into spoilers there are lots of scary scenes in small rooms throughout this movie, and the first-person perspective adds to the scares massively. You can stream this movie via Prime Video at the moment.

Definitely make sure to check out these first-person horror movies and let us know any you think we've missed!