Best Free VPN Services (Updated October 2020)

I use a VPN service for just about everything I do online these days, and I recommend you do too. VPNs can be pretty expensive, so it's nice to have a free trial option. Plus you can cancel all of the following trials before they end so you never pay, which is pretty awesome and ideal if you're only needing a VPN for a short period of time (although we recommend keeping the VPN as it is very useful). There are some services out there that claim to be 100% free, but they're not safe enough for me (if they're totally free then I'm immediately suspicious). That's why I've outlined what I think are the best free VPN service providers available right now, so hopefully you find this list useful!

1 - ExpressVPN 30 day risk-free VPN trial from ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN are my #1 personal choice for a VPN. They offer a very good 30 day risk free trial, which you can cancel at any time. Even if you keep the trial for 29 days then cancel, you won't pay anything (although we recommend keeping it because it's awesome). So this VPN is perfect if you only need a VPN for a short period of time. Simply follow this link and click the 'Get ExpressVPN' button then select the plan you want to trial. Easy! 

2 - PureVPN 31 Day Risk Free Trial From PureVPN (100% free for 31 days)

91 free trial sign ups this month


PureVPN do a 31 day guaranteed money back deal, which means you can use their service for 31 days and then cancel, without having to pay anything. They claim to be the fastest VPN on the market. (Pro tip - use Paypal for this payment if you can as it makes the refund very straightforward!). Check out the deal here. 

3 - NordVPN NordVPN 30 day money back guarantee (free trial)

92 free trial sign ups this month

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You've probably heard of NordVPN - they offer one of the best free VPN trials on the market, with a pretty awesome 30 day money back guarantee on all their plans. That means you can use their VPN for free for a 30 day period, with no obligation to pay (sooo good!).  Their VPN includes:

  • Connect 6 devices at a time (so you can start one account, and share it over all your devices for 30 days!)
  • Access over 5,000 servers worldwide
  • 30 day money back guarantee