3 powerful documentaries about obesity you should watch

It’s no secret that obesity is a serious problem in America – in fact, it’s estimated that more than 2 in 5 adults in America have obesity, a truly shocking statistic.
One of the best ways to learn more about the obesity epidemic happening in America is to watch a documentary about it. Here are 3 of the best documentaries about obesity that we think are definitely worth watching:

Bite Size (2014)

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the obesity epidemic is the number of children who have been diagnosed with obesity in the USA. This is explored in ‘Bite Size’, a heartfelt documentary that tackles the childhood obesity epidemic by focusing on the personal stories of four children struggling with their weight. Directed by Corbin Billings, the film follows these kids as they navigate the physical, emotional, and social challenges associated with obesity. It also explores the broader issues contributing to the epidemic, such as unhealthy school lunches, lack of physical activity, and societal pressures.

The documentary is worth watching for its empathetic portrayal of the struggles faced by children with obesity and its exploration of the multifaceted nature of the problem. Bite Size emphasizes the importance of education, community support, and healthy lifestyle changes in combating childhood obesity. By highlighting the personal journeys of its young subjects, the film offers a hopeful message about the potential for positive change and the importance of addressing this critical public health issue.

The Kids Menu (2016)

The Kids Menu is another documentary that looks at child obesity. Directed by Joe Cross, the film delves into the issue of childhood obesity and the steps being taken to promote healthier eating habits among children. Known for his earlier work on Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Cross shifts his focus to how children’s diets and lifestyles can be improved. The film explores various initiatives, from school programs and community gardens to family-based efforts, that aim to provide kids with healthier food options and educate them about nutrition.The Kids Menu is worth streaming for its positive and solutions-oriented approach to tackling childhood obesity – this movie doesn’t just highlight the issues, it also suggests solutions. It showcases innovative programs and success stories that highlight the impact of education and access to healthy food on children’s health. The documentary encourages viewers to consider the role of diet in overall well-being and the importance of fostering healthy habits from a young age. It is an inspiring call to action for parents, educators, and communities to prioritize children’s health and nutrition.

Fed Up (2014)

Fed Up investigates the obesity epidemic in America and the role of the food industry in perpetuating unhealthy eating habits. Directed by Stephanie Soechtig and narrated by Katie Couric, the film exposes how sugar and processed foods contribute to obesity and related diseases. It’s worth watching for its critical look at food industry practices and its call for greater accountability and healthier eating habits among consumers.


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